I’ve been thinking about moving for quite a long time I guess. So, I took time away from my old blogger site. Trying to put things up here. It’s a little bit hard at first because I actually have switched to the new blogger and with that I can’t transfer the old blog here. Well what to do? Here we are, the new blog. How I will miss the old one. But I think I’m moving for the better of it. I mean like what drumsticks said, It’s very much user friendly this way. Well, I’ll be updating you guys soon enough. New year, new blog and hopefully not then same old brand new me though. All the best for 2007!

Sorry guys for the “absence” of new posts in this blog. Partly because I was having too much fun at home being lazy. It’s like one week, wow .. I managed to stay away from the internet for that long. Congrats .. Before anything else, I would like to wish all of you A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It goes really fast isn’t it? Wow .. Welcome “2007”

I’ve made a list of what I want to achieve this year. Sometyhing realistically can be achieved. Not so posh. I know la it’s a very boring thing that when it comes to new people will talk about resolutions, resolutions and resolutions. All types of it .. brought forward resolution also got. As for me :

1. Get a decent job – Doesn’t have to be a 5 digit salary, as long as I’m happy and will benefit something from it. Hotel and tourism is what I’m actually looking for. I didn’t get the job that I interviewed for. I guess so, since they didn’t even call me. So I considered myself, out of the candidates. Well, I’ll keep on trying and hopefully a new year will bring me a new hope and a new job.

2. A driving license – I know it’s so not cool that I don’t have a driving license at the age of 24! And next year I’ll be 25. I’ve been driving without a license since my first year of uni life. That has been 5 years now. This is a confession .. ha ha ha. I got a ticket that I haven’t clear yet. It’s time for me to get a license. But like Lawrence said, with license there will be a challenge. You’ll be pressured to buy a car.

3. Keep on blogging – Do I have to elaborate this?

4. Save some money – Extra income is needed for me to pay off my credits (555 notebook). The money is also needed for my long awaited trip to Korea which tentatively will be in the Spring of 2008. Let’s see how it goes. The money is also needed for me to renew my passport. It’s been a while. Ha ha ha …

There you go guys. Nothing posh, nothing extravagant .. just an ordinary me. Sometimes the ordinary is not so ordinary. A life less Ordinary ..



Merry Christmas and A happy New Year.