I was having a descent conversation with my dad yesterday after dinner. It’s been a while since we last had our long hours chat about everything and nothing at the same time. I think it’s about time that we put our differences aside and just chat like we used to do last time, like we used to, like friends.

“So, what’s in for 2007?”

“You tell me what’s in for me”

“You didn’t carve any resolutions for this year?”

“I did. A lot actually. Time will tell wether it will go on smoothly or not”

He gave me a funny look ..

“Why is that?”

“I’m still unemployed. No work, no money no talk ma .. ”

“You sounds like you’re so frustrated. So not like you. Why? Giving up?”

“No la. It’s really hard to land a job here eh .. Not much”

It’s actually very true indeed. Here job opportunities doesn’t come easy. That’s why people here don’t change job everytime like in KL. In KL you can go job hopping every year. There’s a massive amount of opportunities, depends on if you want to do it or not.

“It’s true, I mean compared to KL here is very much limited but think about the risk that you have to take. In terms of expenses, you have to pay for rent, transportation and food not to mention your shopping and jalan-jalan”

I gave him a smile

“Yea .. true also. Guess better off here for a start”

Life in KL was not to say not great but the money is great also. I mean in terms of how much you have to fork out every freaking day. My house rent last time was RM 215, transportation will take at least RM 100 monthly, my sister’s monthly allowence RM 100. That’s like half of my salary is gone. Owh ya .. food and leisure is not yet counted. How la? Die lor ..

“Remember to pass me your resume tomorrow. The one I asked you to send out”

“I already did la. It’s in your bag”

My dad has been trying to keep me in Bintulu. He said :

“I want the whole family to be based in Bintulu. I want all of my children to work here”

I don’t really like the idea but bagi muka la ..

Then out of a sudden ..

“How many girlfriend have you had?”

“What’s that for?”

“Just asking”

“Much more than yours for sure”

“How sure are you? I’m quite popular in college you know”

That statement tickled me badly that I burst into laughter.

“You’re funny. Come on, stop all that bullshit la”

“Really .. I’m not bullshitting you eh

“Yearr rite .. Like mom never told me about you”

“She’s just being jealous”

“Wait till I tell mom”

“Tell la ..”

Dad gave me his wicked smile. The I said :

“Eh .. I’m quite popular too in school eh. Don’t underestimate me”

“I know, your PK HEM told me last time”

“Wah .. she told you ah? Shit .. I know she will start with this ”

Last time we got this discipline teacher which we kinda hate, besides Rambo. She’s a fuckin bitch! Being a regular guest to her office I quite know how the procedure will go. She will always start with this sentence :

“Archibald, now you’re so famous. Everyone is talking about you. You’re just like a superstar”

It’s sarcastic. I really hate her for that. Plus she got this policy of having kids every freaking year. I never met anyone who is so into “menyahut seruan kerajaan menambahkan bilangan penduduk Malaysia“.

Ok back to the conversation

“Yup. She told me that”


“You know what, I was your age when I marry your mom”

“That’s because you got nothing else to do”

“Who say so?”


My dad was 25 when he got married. My mom was 24 back then. It’s so much easier to settle down that time. I guess that’s the differences between now and then. That time if you got a job can afford to buy a house, can marry and be happy. Now, no money no talk. Nobody wants to marry you if you’re only paid RM 1K plus per month.

“It’s easier to settle down those days. Not that we have nothing to do. That time it was about getting on with life and start another life and continuing the life cycle. Nowadays if you only have RM 5K, you can’t get married. It’s not enough. Well, you take it slow la”

“Who says I’m getting married anytime soon?”

“Not meh? I tot you always bring girlfriends back home”

“Ya ya ya .. every girl that I brought home, answered my cellphone when you called is my girlfriend la

“Not meh?”

“@#$%! Even the voice mailbox operator is my girlfriend according to you”

“Aiseh .. why so mad la? Joking only”

“Thank you so much”

At the end of the conversation :

“Well, now what you need to do is plan your work and work your plan”

sarcastically …

“Wow, that’s so convincing!”

Well, at least we get along well. Eventhough there are some times that I really can’t stand him and his annoying stinking brain. Guess we’re so much alike in a sense. Like father like son.