“kkot cheul deul gosuh hwal jjak uh seu myoh. Areumda unni nun sokae nal dam ah bogoshipo!”


For those who have been sending me sms, I’d say thank you very very much. I think I got a lot of people misleaded because of the “Smack The Bitch Up!” post. Thank you for your kind and heartwarming smses. But I feel funny. Guys, I am OK. I’m doing fine, nothing bad happen. It was just something that suddenly came out from my mind and I thought it’s a cool idea to be discussed. It’s not that I’m breaking up with someone or whatsoever thing that you guys have in your head.

Amongst those smses I think Ken’s sms was the funniest :

Ken : Hey, wassup bro? Read your latest post. It’s ok bro. I understand how you feel. By the way, you can always talk to me if you need someone to talk to.

Ken, you make me sound like a freakin gay!

Bongkersz was the first one to sms me. Dude, thaks for that.

I hope I made myself clear that nothing happened during the writing of that post, not even the tiny little ant was harm. I’m ok .. I repeat I’m Ok!

Just a few updates on what’s currently happening. I’ll be attending a few interviews next week. This time around in Bintulu. That would be on the 30th and another one would be the examination for PTD on the 2nd February. I tell you, when I received the letter I dropped my jaw down to the floor. The exam schedule was damn packed man. Fucking ridiculous! But I’ll just try my luck anyway. Who knows one day I’ll be the district officer in your area. Ha ha ha .. That’s all for now folks.