니 안에 살고 싶어

I came across this wonderful phrase while doing my daily reflections before I went to bed yesterday. Maybe because I just can’t sleep. Something have been bothering me a lot and really make me wonder where I really stand in this big big world. I’m currently lost. You know that feeling like :

Hurt, lost, left out in the dark, kicked when you’re down, on the edge of breaking down …

Alone, with no one you can seek help from.

Abide whatever happens ..

“All Or Nothing”

What a concept. In life there are to things that matter the most I guess. I mean at least for me. It’s either ALL or NOTHING at all. Yup, I know, I got this from the tv series. What the heck! What I meant was, if you have something to give, give it ALL but if you don’t have anything to offer, might as well don’t give anything at all and that is nothing. So I come to conclusion, if you have nothing to offer, might as well don’t give it any HOPE as well.



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