Happy Valentine’s Day


Hey, It’s February. Lots of things will be happening in February. Well, to make a start I guess “Love is in the air” kind of atmosphere is around. That’s what television and magazines have been telling me. Yeah, I got it. Valentine’s around the corner. So, Happy Valentine’s Day in advance from me to all of you.

Next it’ll be .. Yeah, Red Ang Pow time. Chinese New Year is around the corner also. I can’t wait to get myself lotsa red packets this time around. Since Bongkers is back in Sarawak today, approximately later in the afternoon. Boy, I wish I was in Kuching right now. Ha ha ha .. Glad to hear you’re finally back mate! It has been a while. I mean eventhough just for the hols. I might be dropping by Sarikei with my family. So, make sure you prepare enough food and red packets!!

What else? Arrrr … One part I want to forget. I’m turning 25 this month. God I wish I’m 18 till I die. Why 18? I dunno. Maybe because Bryan Adams told me so. “18 Till I die! I’m gonna be 18 till I die!”. So mch of the buzz huh ..

Guys, I’m sorry that I’ve been away for quite a long while. I was making myself busy with something. I recorded a new song “Just To Let You Know”. I’m happy that I finally put up the last piece of the song. I was thinking of getting it ready before Valentine’s Day. But guess I can’t make it. Now still in the middle of music arrangement. I thank my bro Hezron for that. Hope to hear more cool stuffs from you bro and thanks for helping out on the music.

Just some updates on what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. To date, I have attended several interviews in Bintulu itself, attended the PTD examination – Boy, that was the most ridiculous examination that I’ve ever sat for. I’m not doing it again. Imagine the whole day in the exam hall. I can go nuts!

Well, I guess that wraps all for today and maybe the week. Have yourself a blessed week and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones. To my dear little angel, Happy Valentine’s Day, jeong mal bogoshipoyo!