I’ve been writing songs and poems for people, about people but not once I think I ever write one about myself. I would like to share with you guys a poem, by Mar. Thank You very much. To be honest, nobody ever wrote me something like that in my entire life. Not that I’m asking for some la but hey .. I’m touched. Ha ha ha .. So this is how it feels to have somebody writing a poem about you. Now I know. Thanks  Mar!

He can sing and play the guitar
Maybe someday he will go far

He is friendly and has a good heart
Glad to have met him – hey! It’s a start. ;-p

Loves blogging and the attention he gets
Just don’t let it get to your head (bwahaha)

A big softy and a ladies man
No wonder he has lotsa girl friends (hehe)

An idealistic romantic and whole-round nice chap
Now don’t he deserve a round of a clap? (^_^)

And that was a poem titled “10 things about Arch”
A birthday gift – one that came from the heart (“,)

I know I’m not Shakespeare and this poem ain’t great
It’s spur of the moment so gimme a break!

More importantly, I’d just like to say:
“Happy Birthday Arch! And Have a Nice Day!” =)))

Again, thanks a million!