First of all I would like to congratulate these people :

Deb on her wedding : I actually forgot about it until I read Borneo Post a few days ago. Hope that you will build a happy family. Semoga bahagia dan beranak pinak lah, semoga anak iban bertambah ba Australia din.

Ano on his engagement : Sorry pal, I can’t be there. Budget constraint la. Congrats pal, great to hear that your settling down.

August on his engagement : Dude, I don’t even know that you’re into girls. Just kidding. It’s a real surprise man.

Carol on her sis’s Wedding : Another family member added. When’s yours?

Chelsea FC : A club everybody wants to hate. 2-1 to Arsenal young guns. Credit to Arsenal, it was a good match but in the end, experiences proves as a much vital element to win the Carling Cup!

I know it’s February, guess you guys are so …. In the mood for LOVE. I know the next question will be “when’s mine?”. Don’t worry. The whole world will know if I decided to settle down. At the moment, I’m not thinking or trying to think about that. I got like another 5 years to reach 30. Then I might consider.

Congratulations to all the love birds. I’m happy for all of you.

“TILL DEATH DO US PART” – Remember that.

Don’t forget to belanja me ya!