When another chapter of life is open, whether it’s a start of a new beginning or the end of everything remains unclear. Life is like that in a sense. There are just sometimes you’re up there, high in the sky and the next few moments you know, you’re on the ground, drop down dead. Everybody sees life as a never ending journey, God given grace, with its own highs and lows. It’s like a river or the sea for instant. Every once in a while there will be stirs on it or maybe heavy waves. You can’t really predict what will happen next.

I was having a chat with an old buddy which I haven’t met for quite some time. I guess it’s like more than 2 years since we had our nice glass of drink together.

“Dude, I think I should tell you one thing. You might not be the first but certainly not the last to know about this”

“What is this?” I gave him a wicked smile.

“It took me quite a while to make this decision, dude”

“What’s so hard? Don’t tell me you’re getting married”

He smiled

“I am dude. I’m getting engaged”

I’m not to say shocked but thank you. That was news

“I’m not in shock. Good for you man. Why suddenly?” 

“I decided to settle down; I’m not getting any younger either. I think I’ve found the one”

“Well, what more can I say? Congratulations then.”

Perhaps love. The lovely phrase came to my mind while I was writing this down. I’m smiling, happy about the whole thing. It’s good to see that’s happening even though it does reminds me that I’m not getting any younger either.

Getting in and out of a relationship is kind of a normal thing. You fall in love and then fall out of it and then start again and the cycle move on until you find the right one. I’m not a big fan of the word “fate” or the phrase “meant to be together” but what I do believe is that, from every relationships you’d had, you take something from it and thank God that it happened regardless you were serious about it or not at least there were some things about life that you’ve acquired along the way.

It somehow reminds me of the song “Changing Partner” by Patti Page, a wonderful song for a wonderful dance under the moonlight.

So I’ll keep changing partners till you’re in my arms and then
Oh, my darlin’ I will never change partners again

I got carried away for a while there. Pardon me. It actually gave me the idea of moving and moving on is something more or less like shopping. Personally I wouldn’t want to think of it that way but hey, it’s like trying the best possible item in the store before you actually purchased the item. Like clothing for example, we tried them on to see whether it fits or not, whether it’s up to our liking or not and also the level of comfort it gave us. Then only we decide whether to but it or not. It depends on the shoppers itself sometimes, I mean he or she himself have his or her preferred shopping methods. Some people are very picky, some just grab and buy. It’s a risk to take because it might turn out to be a good buy or a bad one.

But maybe putting it as SHOPPING = GETTING INVOLVED is not a very good analogy to use. It sounded too harsh to be true.

Let put it this way. You fell in love with a girl but at the same time the girl has a boyfriend. So, you decided to shy away and told yourself that “It’s ok, let’s move on”. So by time you move on, getting in and out of relationships some of them are true some are just because you just wanted someone to keep you company until one day after a few years you bumped into her.

Don’t mind about how you met; it can be you bump into her on your way to shop for groceries or doing your laundry or maybe over a friend’s wedding party, or maybe you dialed a wrong number and accidentally talked to her or maybe she’s just living next door or maybe not in real presence like you bump to her on your friendster, MIRC or whatever possibilities that you can think of.

You just feel like “This time I’m going to make it right”. You just can’t let the moments go on like that. And at this moment it actually reminds me of “Alone In Love”, a show that actually got me hooked up for quite a while. What I saw was, decision has to be made and you can’t just give away the chances passed by. What you can do is the best that you can to win it.

After all that … if it eventually will happen, it will happen …



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