Last Friday I went out with Ken and Dee. They were in town for a few days. It’s been a while since we last hang out together like this but then a major problem I face was I don’t really know Bintulu that well. So I decided to just bring them to my favourite relaxing spot, Tanjung Batu Beach.

“You need a girlfriend dude. You look so damn bored and .. in a mess”

“My advice, find one for yourself first”

“For a start would you be mine?”

“Cheebuy .. stop being gay will you”

“I thought you always have that gay vibe around”

I showed him my lovely middle finger

“What happened to the last one?”

“It’s Good bye Baby la .. what else?”

“You know, getting involved is like going shopping. You shop till you find the right one. Try here and there first. Life’s like that. Don’t worry dude, then you’ll find that one person for you. You’ll be singing FOREVER WITH YOU


“Hey Dee. Don’t you have anything to say on that?”

She smiled and say ..

“You two look cute together”

Cheebuy …

That actually triggered me to write about the last post “Perhaps Love


 One thing I like about this place is it’s very cool and I dare say that it’s far better than Damai Beach. Damai Beach is like just sekangkang kera only but this is like one heaven of a baseball field of beaches!

It’s actually bubuk season here in Bintulu at the moment. If you don’t know what bubuk means, it’s actually a kind of shrimp that we use to make belacan (shrimp paste). Bintulu is very famous for belacan. Forget about Terengganu or any pantai timur state that say they have the best of shrimp. Come to Bintulu and have a taste. It’s the best in the world I’m telling you. (At last, something about Bintulu that I’m proud of)

The bad side of this story is my neighbourhood starts to smell like a dumping ground for toxic waste. You know the stinking smell of dried shrimp; I’d rather sniff my own 3 months unwashed stockings than this. Everybody is making belacan here but not everybody can make a good one. You got to know where to buy the good one.