Common question that people will ask me is :

“How’s job hunting?”

Well, I wouldn’t say that it was okay but safe to say that I did my very best. I know it has been quite a while now. It’s already March. I landed in Bintulu in December. Quite long.

I attended an interview on Monday. It was with a company involved in telecomunications and web solutions. I was thinking why not just try and hit smaller companies first since the bigger one just close one eye on fresh graduates.

My last interview was somewhat I would like to say interesting. Interesting in a sense that it was the longest interview that I’ve been in. It lasted for about an hour and we were talking about things not even related to the job that I’m applying for.

We talked about life in KL, my previous job – What I like and don’t like about it, who I hate the most etc. Somehow the conversation got carried away to life in university, what I like about them, subjects that I like and we actually shared on those kind of things and the person who interviewed me is also an Economic graduate. So, both of us kinda have the idea of what it’s like to be in the Economic and Management Faculty, eventhough we’re not from the same university.

I was asked :

“How much is your expected salary?”

“RM 1,600”

“Why? Have done any survey on what’s the range is like here in Sarawak? It’s very much different from KL you know”

“Well, most of my friends, fresh graduates who are working here earns about RM 1,700 – RM 1,800. I put RM 1,600 to be safe”

She laughed at my explanation. Well, at that moment I really feel stupid for giving a stupid answer. I felt like being stripped of naked with everybody is watching me. My world is trembeling down, it’s the end for me. Please set me free .. Fark!

I gave a whole lot of bull during the interview. Nice guys finish last. Remember that.

“have you ever tried Shell or Petronas?”

“No” – (Yes I have, I failed the online test)

I paused


“I don’t like oil rigs” – (Who the hell don’t want? Me and my freakin ass mouth)

Bummer, that was the stupidest excuse I’ve ever heard. You know when I’m uncomfy with things, my tongue will get out of control and just simply saying what my mind have yet to complete thinking about.

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