The past few months after I turned 25, most of the topics that mom  and dad frequently talked about is marriage. Everything related to the holy matrimony. It’s like giving me a hint that I should be thinking about it now. Indirectly that is. You know when they start to ask you stuffs like :

“Where you think you would like to buy a house?”

That will lead to :

“Make sure it’s spacious, enough for all of your children”

The other day,

“How is Killin? Have you spoken to her lately?”

“Yea. Doing well. Pretty busy with work I guess”

“How is the BF?”

“I don’t know, I’m not his baby sitter”

“Any plan on getting married?”

“Yea, she did mention that there is but there’s still so much to settle”

“Good. The mom should be very pleased. You know, we parents hope that we can have grand children as soon as possible”

“Are you telling me something?”

She gave me a smirk ..

Wen sms me a few days ago asking about the Sarawak Forestry Intersnship program. I told her to check out my blog. Every single information is there.

“Wey .. Aren’t you planning to settle down earlier?”

“I’m still 25. So?”

“Stop your shopping spree. Get one and live with it la. Your not getting any younger eh ..”

“Shopping spree?”

“Ya .. Your shopping spree. Take one enough la. Don’t have to change change so many times la. Waste money and time you know”

“Yeah .. Easy for you to say. I’m waiting for your children to call me uncle”

“Ha ha .. Wey, she’s cute what. Don’t let it go”

“I’ve yet to figure out what does that mean but when I finally know I’ll let you know kay? Let’s put a dot to what we’re talking about now”

I sms chat Bongkersz the other day on this matter :

“When are you getting married?”

I was actually expecting answers like

“Why the hell you asked me that?”
“What’s wrong with you?”

To my surprise he answered me with a somewhat I say serious answer

“Anytime I settle my debt, get a house, get a car (you already have a car la farker) 🙂 Then I will get married for sure. The faster I can get there, the faster I will kahwin. I’m a believer in  kahwin awal. He he .. Reason? I don’t want to be an old balding man when holding my child’s hand. I want to be a young dad, strong, can enjoy playing with them, enjoy time. Ha ha .. Can’t imagine being tua bangka, no stamina, banyak penyakit when your kids are just 4-5 years old. Blog this dude. Ha ha ..” (I already did)

Spot on. I was thinking about the same thing. For sure I don’t want to wait till I have some loose and ugly balls and then only thinking about that. Of course the first step is get myself a job. That’s the priority at this moment. That thing comes next ..

Charyelle blog about it and friends & family also talked about it, that’s why I’m blogging it.

“It’s really good to hear your voice saying my name and it sounds so sweet. Coming from the lips of an angel, hearing those words just make me weak”