So Just To Let You Know
words by bernard archibald
music by hezron g.koro / bernard archibald

Verse 1:

i’d like to close my eyes and feel the warmth of your hands
i’d like to be endured in this never-ending dream
the thought of you made it possible
the longing is so incureable
and I .. believe

chorus :

it’s like a tattoo in my heart
I can never let it go
So hard to be apart
so just to let you know
I can’t live without you by my side
won’t ever think of letting go
so just to let you know
I love you so …

verse 2 :

riding through the crossroads of my life
i find myself just lost inside this misery
then came along a ray of wonderous sillhouette
you shine upon my life and now I’m freed
and I … believe

Bridge :

and I can think of a million lies
when it comes to loving you
but i can’t stand to fool myself anymore
cause you’re the one i want
i can never let you go …

It’s something that I thought would be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Too bad it can’t be completed in time. There’s always next year and Hey, like they say .. Everyday is Valentine.

P/S : This has nothing to do with Jesse McCartney’s “Just So You Know” eventhough it has more or less the same title.