And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through, this I promise you ..

Sounds sweet eh? Talking about promises, a phrase that immidiately came to my mind was “Promises were meant to be broken”. It is so commonly use and being practic.It kinda remind me of my schooling days. Yeah, those lovey dovey days whereby where you had your first kiss, first date, first love, first crush, first whatever first that you can think of. I think I already did blogged about my first kiss. Crazy old time stories.

The idea to blog about this came after my sms chat with Bongkersz :

“He called just now. He’s working here at the moment. Got kids already la”

“Wah, what happen to the janji?”

“Janji? What janji? Eh .. tell me la. I forgot liaw la”

“I thought you know better ma. Eh .. that janji of what ah .. 27 years ka something like that. Get married at 27 or 2007 something like that. Scary hor .. Luckily I was never involved in this janji-janji stuffs”

It sounded like the 9th Malaysian Plan to me ..

“Fark .. It does rang a bell but I can’t fuckin remember what the fuck that was. Damn, this will be one hell of a thing that I will talk about when I meet both of them”

SNAP .. Now I remember

This is a story of Tommy and Gina (Real name would not be reveal to avoid being circumsized for the second time in my life if they find out that I blog about this)

Gina is about the same age as me. Well, actually we were from the same batch. She’s a funny, easy going and sometimes a moody kinda person. It’s kinda fun to hang out with her actually except for the part that she always seems to have this unpredictable and never ending PMS behaviour that sometimes I really really can’t stand. Apart from that, she’s just awesome. A very good friend of mine.

Tommy on the other hand is 2 years my senior. I used to hate him a lot. You know la seniors. They can really be an ass hole sometimes. Make you do a lot of stuffs. He’s a very bossy type of person. A Man United fan. Sum it up, a moron. Still, I keep in touch with him. Like a brother, a moron brother of mine. He’s not that bad anyway.

Whenever they go out on a date or something I will always be there. I hang out with Gina a lot. That’s why Tommy can’t butt me out. I’m adorable bah .. 🙂 So, I pretty much know about what’s going on between them. It’s not that I’m being kay poh or what just that they will tell me stories. Like Tommy, he will be telling me bedtime stories that I don’t think I really need to hear but have to “jaga perasaan” I will pretend that I’m listening la.

Tommy kinda treated me real good actually. Too good until he try to match make me with a date partner. You know, while they go out on a date, they want to make sure that there will be somebody to occupy my lonely soul so that I won’t be fucking bored which actually happens everytime. I do feel like pelakon tambahan  sometimes .. of course.

They got me a farking big ass bitch. She suck big time. Not that I’m into looks and stuffs ( I actually do mind though) but this girl is just so out of this world. She have this big ass mouth and could not stop yelling at you with her high pitched, opera liked tone. She actually sounded like Alvin as in the cartoon Alvin and the Chipmunks. It irritates me. She always try to be cute and believe me it’s not funny when she told the whole school that I’m her boyfriend and to every single ladies in the school “Please keep your eyes off Cibol, he’s mine”. 

Ok, enough about that. This is supposed to be about Tommy and Gina and not about me. Well, you see .. Tommy and Gina have this passionate relationship whereby you can see them everywhere together. Whenever you see Tommy, there Gina will be and same goes the other way around. They just can’t a single minute apart from each other. Be it to the church on Sunday, bus ride and even when Tommy is playing football Gina will be by the side on the bench watching and munching. (That’s why she’s freaking fat chubby)

There’s this thing about Tommy and Gina that sometimes I just really can’t tolerate with. They have this obsession of teasing each other so badly until everytime they crack up a joke on each other I will be in the middle of it. It’s like everything also have to say “Kan Cibol kan?” or “True or not Cibol?”. Well to be honest, it’s like watching “When Harry met Sally”. They were the Romeo & Juliet or Bonnie & Clyde of the school. (I made that up – not really).

You see, Tommy and Gina had this pact that they made to each other. Because the loved each other so much they decided that, “Hey that’s it. I’m the one for you and you’re the one for me and we’re gonna make this real yo”. You know what I’m sayin? The pact includes, they planned to get married in the next 10 years from that day itself. I remember that was the year that I was sitting for my PMR, so it was 1997. If I’m not drunk I might got this calculation right. Yeah, that’s 2007 for you baby! Bang .. This is the year where my dad turns 50. If wasn’t for Bongkersz, I wouldn’t have remembered this ya.

And now, 2007 .. Welcome to the real world .. Tommy and Gina now are both happily married the only different was not to each other but with somebody else. Man .. I would have sure that I will remember this forever. See, I told you, promises were meant to be broken ..

Set it off