I’ve always been a big fan of touchy movies, shows. Well, maybe not those sappy sad movies like Winter Sonata or Autumn In My Heart. I find myself rather amuse by stories of single parents especially single fathers. I’m not being bias here okay but really. I never missed a single episode of Kevin Hill, only when I woke up late, the show starts at 10 am.

I watched Sleepless In Seattle a couple of times. It was not because it’s a Tom Hanks’ movie – I’m a big fan. It was because I was rather amazed by how Tom potrayed the image of a single father to me. It was rather the bond between a father and a son that got me into the whole thinking of being a single father. I mean imagining that I am one. It’s not that I lost hope in getting involved in a relationship or something like that but it’s interesting and to take such responsibility is .. I just don’t know the exact word to describe.

I mean instead of the normal routine of we get up, get to work, you make meals, have sex – that normally married couple applies in their daily life, it’s something more than that.

I wasย hooked up with Big daddy when it first came out. I think it was back in my schooling days. Everytime i watch that particular movie I told myself, I can be like him. I can be a cool dad. I can rock the party hard with my kid. I can do that. I’m sure I can. What Sonny can give Frankenstein, I can give the same effort and whatever he can give too. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s a wonder.

It actually reminds me of this song from Boyzone “Isn’t It A Wonder”.




Now, another movie that I’m dying to watch. “The Pursuit of Happyness”. That’s how they spell it. I’m not doing any typo error here.

Well, to be honest there’s not many movies that Hollywood made that is this good. Well, to name a few like Forrest Gump. It’s so touching in a way. I’m not being bias because I like Tom Hank but I do find that was worth every dime I paid for my astro. I got a copy of the DVD which I bought 2 years ago. It was still expensive back then.

The Pursuit Of Happyness, what can I say. It can make you cry, laugh and be thrilled at the same time. Will and Jaden are just perfect, a couple made in heaven. Of course it’s a lot easier to show real passion and love when acting with your own blood. I give it two thumbs up. I never really like watching movies which settings took place in the disco era. You know afros and fuckin colourful balls grabbing tight outfit. This one, forget about the dress, forget about the settings just enjoy the emotion sickening moments.

Best of all, if you are a thinker, this movie will challenge your visions of family, business and society. On one hand, the film reinforces the great American myth of the self-made man and equal opportunity. Myths are not necessarily false simply for being myths, we can make some of them true by choice, and our belief in this myth still helps make our country great.ย 

Isn’t that inspiring? Well, hopefully by watching it, it’ll make me to be inspired more and more each day and on going for years to come instead of just a few hours after the movie. That’s the driving force that I really need.