I received a somewhat of a morning delighting email few days ago :
Hi Archibald,

Thank you for your resume. We have positions for SPM up to degree holders in various disciplines. We may submit your name for any of those. The lowest salary for SPM Positions would be RM [X] up to RM [X] per month exclusive of Over Time. This scale has been decided by [company X].

If you agree, we will submit you from entry level onward. Please state your current salary which we do not see in your resume.

Thank you.
Human Resource Manager
[company X]

Ask me if I agree? Of course I do agree! I’m grateful!

Well, I have been applying for this particular company God knows for how many times I did and finally they replied to my application. I can’t help it but to feel too happy about the whole thing. Well, at least there’s hope. Nothing is confirm just yet but pray to God that everything will turn out fine.


You know sometimes I could just rant and rant whole day long about everything and nothing at all. I could just grab a cup of coffee and start writing whatever came up to my mind. I just feel free to express how I feel, how I look at life. In other way it kinda help me to ease a little bit of my agony from the problems that I face daily. Not that I have any but somehow it does works wonders.

It’s like every single post I made, I’ll be happy with it and I’ll be a lot happier when I can finally share it with people around me, be it with family members or maybe someone I do not know personally such as my fellow bloggers and those who read my blog.

At this particular moment I am craving for a nice cup of decaf capuccino which I really miss. Back in KL I would just have this everyday. Well, not really but almost. I could just sit there for hours. The thing about Starbucks is that, it’s a place where actually for people who don’t really know how to make a decision, have to make decision fast be it decaf cappuccino, expresso, mochacino or choco latte or whatever it could be. Within that split second, you must make your decision. For a non-regular, you’ll be standing at the back reading what’s in for order and it’s very easy to know wether you’re a regular or not a regular.

Isn’t that more or less like life?

I don’t actually really know of what to write, so I guess I must be like one of those who are standing at the back of the line waiting for there’ll be nobody else at the counter so that they can order their drinks with their own sweet time without being exposed to the danger of being laughed at because they don’t really know what to order. Sometimes, things happened truly because it’s provoked and even deserved.

It’s amazing what does things happening and that are revolving around us can serve us. A daily digest perhaps that will help me or you to create and look for chances in the future, we never know. We can’t always depends on luck to get things done. Knowledge itself is not enough. You need to “Go To The Mattresses”, means go to war.

 I’m moving on