I missed my schooling days more than anything. I think it was the best time of my life. I’ve never have been happier. Not to mention I was so fuckin slim that time. I weight around 49-50 kg, my pants size was 29 and despite relatively should be wearing M sized clothing, I was always done in XL sized long sleeves.

Uniform style was a big thing back then. Talk about the most posh school pants that ever exist on this motherfuckin planet earth, Grassmen. Yeah, that’s the brand that every single boy in the school was using. I don’t know wether it is still an in kinda thing now. It was always done in 30-20-20 straight cut. Some goes to the extreme of 24-24, that was crazy “pengyu”.

Mine was 30-20-21, not to the extreme but a little more than ordinary. It was a cool design back then. I wonder if Jason, the owner of Grassmen still rocks and get as much order as it used to. A pair of Grassmen’s pants would cost me at about RM 45 which is pretty much very extravagant for a 17 year old hostel student back then. I own 10 pairs. I will make sure that I have 2 pairs each year. So, you see I spent a hefty amount of RM 450 being in that particular school just for my pants. Oh Ya, during my fifth year, I wore another brand, Apaches Tailor. So I have 3 that year and that means I have 11 altogether. It was cheaper than Grassmen. If I’m not mistaken it was about RM 38.

I don’t come from a filthy fuckin rich family but I surely can survive without money as we were all well fed in school. My parents would give me at about RM 50 per month. I will finish it in one day and the next 29 days with dust in my pocket, I don’t mind. I was well taken care of.

What I like about school was not the studying part, eventhough being in an elite school does give you a little bit of a pressure sometimes, the best part was the bond that we have among student. I know every fuckin students in my batch. Well, it was mainly because a class is not more than 23 students I guess and we only have 4 classes per grade. Our class, used to be 20 till I got to my fourth year it was trimmed down to only 14. So, we were like family. A freakin happy family, very closed knit.

The secret for being famous was to be active in either sports or singing. To be honest, you won’t be that famous if you excel in your studies, eventhough it’s an elite school. It was not really a big thing back then. Being in sports, atheletics or football, you will sure be famous. I am not suggesting that I was famous but to be fair I think I was. I was in atheletics. Ok, I know this sounds crazy but both Bongkersz and me were in long jump and high jump. Don’t believe me ah? Shit .. I wish I have pictures to show you all la. We were fuckin slim back then ehh .. Not that we’re getting fat now la, but a little bit chubby la. Adorable is another word for it. 🙂

Well, I was just thinking about all of those moments that I’ve spent there. It was so wonderful. I was happy and feel blessed to have met the wonderful people in school. Be whoever it is ..

When are we going to have our reunion?