How does it feels to be the youngest president of a political party in the nation? It must be great. Larry Sg is believed to be the youngest president of a political party in Malaysia at the age of 28 years old when he won the number one post unopposed in Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) yesterday.

To be really honest, I was really glad that the thing is over. At least for now. The never-ending dispute within somehow made me think that how weak and frail can a party be. I just hope that it will be a change for the better. Just put a DOT to whatever have been happening in the past few months or years.

Just would like to pick a few lines from his speech :

” Don’t think for one moment that I will let any member break our house down. They can eat our food, drink our water, sleep in our bed but not kick us out of the house that we built together. No one will let this happen”

” If they want to get rough, we will not stand down without a fight; we will not surrender unless we all agree to surrender. We will exercise our rights, to choose whom we want to stay and to go, and today our members have choosen”

Well, that’s the end for James Jemut Masing for now.

The guy is just 3 years older than me and he’s already a president of a party and he won it unopposed. What more can I say? Of course given that he got a political background that his dad, Datuk Sng Chee Hua was a former deputy? I’m not quite sure of that but definitely somebody big in the party – He might have got the extra edge to be known, well relatively known, but then let’s hope that he’s worth the dime.

On wether he would lead the party as his own man or as his father’s son, he replied :

” I think we should not look at it in that light. Of course I am the son of Datuk Sng Chee Hua wether I like it or not, that’s the fact”

” But I think, when people elected me, they elected me as Larry Sng. I would like to think that I Have an independent mind, but whatever I do I put the interest of the party before me”

Well said, let’s see and hope that he walk the talk.

Source, The Borneo Post, Saturday, March 31, 2007