When I was young, relatively about the age of 5 or 6, whenever I look at my dad shaving, I thought that was so fucking cool. You know stuffs like thinking that it is so fucking “man”ly to shave. How I wish that I have the opportunity to do the sacred act of shaving.

It seems so religious to me, like an act of worshiping God or something. Of course back then I have nothing to shave. I don’t even have hair on my armpits and of course I don’t have any pubical hair around my pee pee too back then that I can shave. I just like the idea of going to the bathroom, holding a Gillette and put some ice cool cream on and just shave.

Here I am now, 20 years later. I just can’t stand it. An average of every 2 days I have to spent extra 2-3 minutes in the bathroom to shave and I just hate it. Sometimes when you’re in a rush, you might cut yourself and it takes time. Now I wish I never have to shave. Darn .. Human nature, nothing really give em satisfaction.