To cheer or not to cheer, that is the question. Well, as we all know, or maybe some of us have heard of, May 22 may bring good news to more than one million civil servants waiting for an announcement on their request for salary increment of between 10 and 40 percent.

I heard about of it a few weeks back. Mom and Dad has been talking about it. Well, good news indeed if it were to be carried out. Why I say it’s good is because I pity those support group (staff sokongan). All these time they were being underpaid. Some staffs are still being paid around RM 400 per month. I just can’t imagine myself being in their shoes. I mean, would that be enough? Who knows one day I might be one of those civil servants. In the process …

Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Service (Cuepacs) President Omar Osman, who mentioned the date yesterday, said congress wanted to hear good news on that day in conjunction with Labour Day celebrations in Putrajaya.

He said on the matter :

” If the announcement on May 22 does not meet our (Cuepacs) expectations, we will discuss the matter at a special congress meeting to be held a week later “

Well, I was rather amused when I read a statement in The Borneo Post today :

” Omar said, about 800,000 civil servants were earning a monthly income of below RM 2,500, and of the 20,000 taxi drivers in the Klang Valley, 2,000 of them were government servants forced to find supplementary income to make ends meet”

Well, if they are, I think with the rates that they are charging the public, why not stop working for government and just concentrate on running taxi service? They earn more. Don’t you think so?

Source : The Borneo Post, Monday, April 2, 2007