h Have been away from rock music for quite a while. Been listening to a lot of RnB and hip hop. Somehow the relationship with these type of music doesn’t really last long.

I’ve been digging my brains out on what to look for on the net. Guess what? I’m adding to my collection of 80’s rock! How cool is that. Ok, I know for some of you, when you came out to this world – Linkin Park or Limpbizkit must have been smiling on your delivery day but for me no way man!

During our time it was Gun’s ‘N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Metallica, Megadeath and Def Leppard to name a few. It was actually because of one day while I was listening to nice and easy, Harem Scarem’s Rain was on air. I was like .. WTF man! I’ve not been listening to that song for like a decade! Then from there I started adding up my collection of The Scorpions, Danzig to name a few.

During my secondary school time, there were only a few of us who were a big fan of Seattle music. Names such as Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees were big that time. I bet 90% of you who read this was wondering what the fark are those bands. Man I tell you, these bands are like GOD of new metal although I must admit that my liking to this music was motivated by listening to Nirvana. Fermilliar? Yeah, Kurt Donald Cobain, the man who shot himself at the age of 28, ex-husband of Courtney Love, a troubled Hollywood bitch!

Silverchair was quite big back then .. or maybe just the few of us. I don’t really know. Well, back then Silverchair was not all that pussified like what they are now. They were more to Old school grunge with heavy rifts, tight drums and intense shouting. You know how it goes with Max Cavelera of Sepultura back then, he’s with Soulfly now. What a waste. Derek Green doesn’t really add up to the standard that Max set for Sepultura back then. God .. I missed those days!