Bongkersz texted me when I was trying to think of what to write for my next post.

Received at 10:28 PM

“Dude, I’m at BMW paddock lounge now. Mingle around with the rich and famous. šŸ™‚ Guess who’s in front of me? It’s Linda Rafar dude!”

Received at 2:38 AM

“Dude, Hans Isaac!”

One lucky farker. I made a promise to myself if I were to be posted to KL, I will be there. I was in KL for about almost 5 years before I decided to move back to Bintulu. It was a move motivated by the feeling of longing for home and also sick and tired of hectic KL.

During those 5 years, well almost 5 years, I’ve never been to Sepang F1 Circuit. Not that I’m as fanatic as Charyelle but I think I need to be there at least once. Just once in a lifetime is enough. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

By the way, Chelsea won and Man Utd lost .. What a great week ..