I received an SMS from Mar somewhere I don’t know but I think it was late afternoon / evening.

“OMG! I spoke to Kenny Sia – In Person. Ha ha ha”

As expected, for sure it will be in her blog

“Dude! Check out Dawn Yang’s latest post! She’s on MAXIM. I almost terpancut when I saw the pics”

“He he he .. Superstar dy eh. Does she have nice boobies?”

“Hell yeah! A Bod to die for”

“Wah, superstar dy eh .. cool. On MAXIM some more. I’ll check out later la”

A few hours later …

“Mei Lai so cute eh ..”

“Yup, cute .. What makes her so cannot resist to look at ah?”

“She’s cute .. hugable 🙂 ..”

“Farkable u mean? 🙂 ..”

“Sort of .. Something I’d like to taste from head to toe. Ha ha ha”

“Horny fark you”

It’s nice to see beautiful people .. ha ha ha!