Ok, now it’s time to educate you guys a little bit on Bahasa Melayu Sarawak. It’s slightly different in terms of usage and also pronunciation. I will guide you through the process. Ok, usually when we start picking up languages, curses and swear words are something that we can catch up easily. So, in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, I decided to educate you guys with some simple swear words, easy ones of course. It won’t be that much of a tongue twister.

cilaka / chee-la-kha / noun1. archaic or derogatory an illegitimate person (bastard) : cilaka! Kemak kau juak!

Translation : You bastard! Fuck you!

2. showing unpleasantness with something (shit) : cilaka! Sik guna juak Wes Brown tok!

Traslation : Shit! This Wes Brown is so fucking useless


Babi / ba-bee / noun

1. a domesticated mammal with sparse bristly hair and a flat snout, kept for its meat

Not this pig la ..

2. informal a greedy, dirty or unpleasant person : muka cam babi ada hati mok jadi penyanyi, bagus gik burit aku.

Translation : Face like pig want to be artist ah? My ass is better.


Bangsat / bunk-sart / noun

See bastard e.g : bangsat kau juak! Apa polah ko gi ngenjar sinun?

Translation : You bastard! What the fuck you think you doing there, whoring ah?


Bangkai / bunk-khy / noun

1. decomposed body : Buang gik bangkai asuk ya! Bau kali juak.

Translation : Throw away the dead dog, it’s fucking smelly.

2. to irritate somebody by calling them names : Bangkai juak ko tok!

Translation : Ermm .. shit, what ah? You bangkai!


Perut / per-root / noun

1. stomach


Baya / bar-ya / noun – iban

1. a large predatory semi aquatic reptile with long jaws, long tail, short legs and a horny textured skin (crocodile) : non swear sentence in iban

anang mandi ba batu anchau ari ili sungai nyin, empa baya legi

Translation : don’t go and bath upstream at the rocky part of the river, later crocodile will eat you!


It might be a little bit similar with Malay in a sense but with Malays you can’t combined these words to form a sentence. In Bahasa Melayu Sarawak, you can combine these few words and form a magnificent curse that can leave somebody speechless. It doesn’t have any specific meaning but you can try and have fun with it. Say it like this :



Chee-la-kha bar-bee bunk-sart bunk-khy per-root bar-ya!


It’s like saying :


You crazy son of a bitch fucking melodramatic heretic lunatic smashing pumpkins moron!


Have fun