Fuh .. safe and sound. I’m in Kuching now. Landed yesterday around 9:20 PM. Gosh .. You guys don’t know what I’ve been through. My flight got delayed for 3 hours. I was supposed to fly off from Bintulu Airport at 5:15 PM but then some problems occured, the flight was postponed to 8:20 PM. To make matters worst, that was actually the last flight out of Bintulu (5:15 one). The whole airport building is almost empty.Not even a stall open! I haven’t had lunch even …..

You see, this is the problems wit AirAsia. When they say low cost, everything is low cost. The Airport is low cost, the pilot .. everything la from pilot to “pomen”. Even the stewardess are quite not really pleasant to look at. An eyesore? Fuck it. I’m over it.

I’m staying at Oink‘s place actually. So, now I am in Kuching for my PAC(PTD Assesment Centre). It will be on the 4th-6th March. I’ll be back off to Bintulu by 7th. Tonite, I have a date with Mar, May, Lola, Charyelle and maybe Janice and of course Oink la.

I found this in his PC .. korek korek .. Ha ha ha .. no la. Our ICC pics ..

Me, Oink, Angie and Kenny

by the way, congrats to Sandra and Lola who is undergoing their first day of slavery today and Lola have been smsing me, telling me that she’s bored

Have fun people ..

P/S : zewt, thanks for the info. I dunno Agong’s Birthday is fixed. Ha ha ha

Lynn : Milan & Liverpool in the final … Ha ha ha ha
Me : %^&*#$!!

I was sad that Chelsea lose out to Liverpool, but I must say they deserve it but at the same time, I must say Milan .. Nobody battered Man U that badly this season, so I guess they deserve some credits. There goes the All English Finals dreams!

A rematch?