I arrived at 8:00 PM last night. Was really tired after the 12 hours journey. I went off to bed around 8:45 PM. I was damn tired, sick – I caught flu and exhausted. Upon waking up … Big Dismal’s – Missing You was on air. Then I realize …

**I Miss You I Miss You I Miss You I Miss You I Miss You I Miss You**

3 Ultimate HOWs 

1. How bored I can be here at home
2. How lonely I am at home
3. How happy I was the past few days – maybe more to on the final day in Kuching

BUT most of all …

I think I’m starting to get this feeling somebody, someone … *sigh*

(Charyelle, not what you have in mind – I just got the feeling that you will be thinking of the in the car down memory lane stories)

I just love this song …

MISSING YOU – Big Dismal Feat Amy Lee (Evenescence)

I don’t want to say goodbye
I can see the fear inside your eyes
It’s so hard to walk away

I know that this feels like the end
Life never seems to let you win
But I’ll be back someday

I’m already missing you
But I’m not even gone
In time we’ll be together again
And it won’t be long

Now everything goes up and down
And the world keeps spinning round and round
And still you’re waiting there

I’ll try to make it another night
And dream of you when I close my eyes
‘Cause I’ll be back someday
Just hold it in
Don’t let it go
You’ll always live
Inside my soul

P/S : Beemer, Woodlans is inside BDC la. You live there so farking long time dy also dunno ah ..