This particular post is specially dedicated to one of the member of the dynamic duo M&M, not Marion Raven or the other blonde bombshell which I actually forgot the name, but Mar & May. Well not really that I forgot her name but actually I don’t even know her name so let’s just forget about it and move on to our main agenda for today which is celebrating the birthday of Mar”. So, when I was asked about what I am going to give you for your birthday, I actually “garu kepala” also because I don’t really know what to buy and then I said to myself. As usual, my entire blogger friend, I will blog about you la every time you celebrate your “tua”ness.

What would I like to say about Mar? Let’s just start from the beginning la. I don’t really know how it started but I think it’s like this. But if you see anything not so right, you can tell us your version of the story later on la. My first conversation with Mar was back in 2005. I guess so. It was during my visit to CSS-SA (Catholic Students’ Society of Shah Alam). That particular night we were having this thanksgiving night for the previous Inter Campus Gathering (ICG). (Oh! My God! I’ve known you for 2 years already!)

Our very first conversation was :

“Hi, I’m Margret. My friend knows you”

Wah .. What an intro ..

So, you see on our first meeting we only talked for about 2 minutes I guess and that was on my way back to the car when actually we have the whole dinner time, more to supper actually to have a decent conversation but we didn’t.

Well, I don’t really know much about her but if you want to know more you can visit her “About Me” page on her blog. She often uses “I was brought  up somewhere else” as an excuse to a lot of stuffs, including the part that she confidently thought that Julau is a district in Sibu, which is not and it’s actually falls under Sarikei, which is the 6th Division in Sarawak. That’s why Sarikei’s vehicle registration starts with 6D, well used to la now change to QR and Bintulu is QT by the way (promote kejap).

She text me when she met Kenny Sia.
“OMG! I spoke to Kenny Sia – In person!”

As expected, she blog about it the next minute.

The other day when we wanted to meet up with Lola, she actually wanted to go to 3rd Mile’s Kaya & Toast but we end up in Petanak’s Kaya & Toast because she thought that we were going to the place that she imagine we would be but luckily, there’s Kaya & Toast also in that area. She actually text me on that matter saying that

“The Kaya & Toast that I was talking about was at 3rd Mile. Kenny sometimes goes there for meal. It’s very near to his office”

Kenny, better be careful. You got stalker already. Ha ha ha …
(It’s ok, I’d do the same if it’s Dawn Yang, but not Kenny la. He’s just not my type)

Since it is your birthday, I decided to give you this whole post for you la and also, ok la .. as promised something more or less as good as what you got me for my birthday, I’m going to sing you a song. Ha ha ha … Don’t laugh! But I think this song is really nice and suits any birthday la. Not that stupid birthday song that we always sing one la. I may not sound like Jerry Kamit (since you only know him) but I sound better than Ricky El. Bwaahhhahahaha ..This one is called “Young At Heart”. I tried to make it as classical as possible .. Enjoy the song!

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