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Triggered by – What’s in a name? 

When I first started out my blog, which was back in 2004, I didn’t really have the problem of naming it. It was the day that I have 2 papers and I skipped class, my Econometrics and Financial Management paper. I was sitting in the computer lab for about almost 2 hours when Kim told me that I should start a blog. I did and the moment I clicked create blog button, the phrase “A Life Less Ordinary” came to mind. I was writing on a regular basis but I will write as if I’m writing a diary, my very own online diary.

The OldA Life Less Ordinary

After a while, I moved to friendster blog. That was in 2005 and through that friendster blog of mine, I met – oink & Mar and it was a coincident also that Bongkersz, my old pal also have been a little active in blog writing. It was not after a while that I finally decided to move back to blogspot because I find that there is nothing much that I can do with friendster blog, no offense to friendster but I am happy that friendster actually let me experienced for the first time the orgasmic feeling of the word “I have readers“. 

The Old Ye Friendster blog – 820222 – Stormy!

Dawn of the new year, I finally moved my blog to wordpress, still with the same title “A Life Less Ordinary” and thought of giving my blog a new face and in a very control and neat environtment. I think I like it here and hopefully I will remain here for a long time.

Triggered by – Selamat Hari Guru, Cikgu!

I remember, like what zewt said in bongkersz hari guru post, Teachers’ Day is actually a very much anticipated day because that’s the day that you can Not study and play. Every 16 of May, we will have teachers performing and “makan makan” and also again, no need to study.

Back then rotan and berjemur is nothing much la. We’re all used to it. But it’s very different with kids nowadays. These days students seems to “untouchables” and pretty much “sissified”. Rotan sikit,sue the teacher, sue the school. Why la? I mean, being a rascal in school, if  may say I think some cannings is nothing la. Why need to sue leh? Students nowadays like to be cool, I also like la last time, who doesn’t but then rotan sikit also kenot tahan. How la?

Both of my parents are teachers. So I pretty much know what they’ve been through and given the fact that my parents have been in the industry for nearly 30 years,  know how they feel. Let’s just take this week, I mean everyday to remind ourself that without teachers we are nothing but a useless piece of shit, sanctimonious pretentious dastardly bastards with there thumb on the pulse and a finger on the trigger. So, we need to honour them, cause like bongkersz wrote very well in his blog, we are what we are today because of them.

Youre a wreck
An accident, forget the freak youre just nature
Keep the gun oiled and the temple clean, shit snort and blaspheme
Let the heads cool and the engine run
Because in then end everything we do…
Is just everything weve done