I was watching the so called match of the century, Chelsea v Man Yoo FA Cup Final Showdown at New Wembley. Wah .. sounds so great liddat. But then hor .. So boring lor.

A few hours before the match I sms Charyelle,

me : May the force be with you. I know you might be surrounded by man yoo fans!

During the match,

Charyelle : Wah this game so boring ..

me : Say, like when was the last time you see Chelsea play attractive football? Next to none (supposed to type never)

Charyelle : Got! Against Blackburn. man yoo are known for play good futball but then now …

A few moments later,

Charyelle : Yawnnnnn ………

me : Ha ha ha .. Hopefully when ben Sahar come on can produce magic like last time. Came out and scored two goals. But that was when he was playing for Israel la ..

Charyelle : Where got his name on the bench?

me : Oh .. I missed that one just now. Who’s the substitute striker? I mean out and out one

Charyelle : Kalou, the rest I dun think so ..

After a while, I thought die la, Chelsea lose like this. Frozen Oxygen wish came true la. He said Chelsea will only finish the season with only the League Cup. Die la die la .. How ah? Then 4 minutes before time ..

Cannot say anything liao. Perfect inch pass, perfect goal from a perfect guy! See closely the two sohais (Bongkersz: You would know). Sweet Vengeance!

P/S : By the time I wanted to sms everybody my credit die on me. So cilaka babi bangkai perut baya one