The Cabinet gave the nod for Malaysia Airlines’ newly-established no-frills carrier, Firefly – not The Scorched Firefly, to take over rural air services in Sabah and Sarawak now being operated by Fly Asian Xpress (FAX).

Miri-based FAX, owned by some directors of AirAsia, has been operating 22 routes and 104 flights daily in Sabah and Sarawak since August. MAS had been operating the services since they began decades ago but last year gave them up as part of its business turnaround plan aimed at returning the national carrier to profitability.

Well, to be honest I am a bit indifferent to the announcement that Firefly would be flying us in the near future as I do think that the local residents here feel the same way too. What we want is for whoever it is that will be operating the business will be able to provide better services, the name doesn’t really matter.

The reason why we want better services is because the locals here are heavily dependant on good air services to cater their needs to conduct business, attend meetings and meet other commitments and the recent government’s announcement that MAS would be back through Firefly hardly raised any eyebrows. It was something that we pretty much expected. I mean like MAS rural air services (RAS) before they were taken over by FAX last year is no stranger to us as we have experienced enough of the services dished out by both two operators to make comparisons.

A few divisions like Limbang and Lawas need reliable rural air services more than any other towns as they are separated from the rest of the state in Sarawak by the borders with Brunei. Flight delays happened everyday. This is something that really annoys everyfuckingbody here.

On another note, since Firefly is very much a low cost air carrier, I just hope that there will be a better approach in managing the operations and at the same time maintaining low fares as most of the people who are dependant on this rural air services doesn’t come from a filthy fucking rich family. It’s a big hassle but the move is very much of a good news to us in a way. Just hope that all well, ends well.

P/s: I was thinking of applying for the steward post that they advertise on paper a few days ago. They didn’t actually state it there that it’s Firefly but, you know I know la.