Working for gomen is so tempting nowadays. That is one of the topics discussed during our PTD Assessment Center last month. Well, it’s not just a topic to be discussed but also to be hotly debated. The recent announcement on the pay hike somehow reminded me of that topic. Somewhat I want to call a good news is 15% salary hike for grade 41 officers. Grade 41 is the entry level for any gomen post, means fresh graduate. That’s me, well if I ever get into gomen. It’s not easy also.

Let’s not talk about the working ethics or whether they deserved the rise or things related to that. What matters now is making choices. Which side will I be going to? Go private or go gomen? I have to be honest that I don’t really know what the structure is really like in the gomen sector but from what I heard, I think I got the idea of how is it like, not entirely but enough for me to survive if I decided to be working with them although I still need to do a thorough research on it, just in case. So that tears don’t fall.

I’ve been discussing with dad about the salary hike, trying to understand how the system works, when will it be implemented and what to expect. He was trying to explain the melintang and menegak scale which I think I didn’t get it clearly. The increment differ by what do they call it; let’s just call it “time of service”. I don’t really know the terms in English. Like my dad, officers that have been serving for nearly 30 years, non graduates – he just have SPM (those days SPM results boleh pakai, not like nowadays SPM. It’s Senior Cambridge), the increment is 25%. But still, because we have a lot to pay, not much different la. Unless you have nothing to pay, then you’ll be fucking happy.

I’m not going to make any comparison because I do understand that in the private sector it does varies in terms of fringe benefits and salary scale but here is what I can think of if let say I work for gomen, things that I will enjoy and be facing:

15% Increment in salary – While everyone is happy about the increment, another thing that could just throw the fun away is the price hike in everything. Flour, sugar and fuel to name a few, the increment make no differences. Unless you’re the JUSA (Jawatan Utama Sektor Awam) people. They have 7.5% pay hike while they already have RM 14K per month. For us 15% is like RM 2K. RM 2K –RM 14K, can count the gap la and that’s basic excluding allowances. Let say if you’re working in KL, what’s RM 2K?

Job security – Say, economic slump, which I think will be happening, oh, already happening or menunjukkan ciri-ciri that it will be happening, this is an area which I don’t have to worry about getting my roody pooh candy ass kicked out in order to cut cost and save my fucking retarded workplace against extinction or rolling the mattresses. (Direct translation: Gulung Tikar – Was about to use roll the rattan carpet but mattresses sounds cool, rattan carpet sounds so ulu liddat. Reminds me of The Godfather)

Gomen Loan – After 3 years of service, I will be eligible to apply for gomen loan. 3 years is usually the amount of time it takes to be confirm (Disahkan dalam jawatan) working with gomen department. For PTDs it’s 6 months, depends whether you passed the DPA (Diploma in Public Administration) in 6 months or a year. The earlier you pass the better la. This is actually the part that I kinda like the most. The loan that you will be applying for is basically based on years of service la. What I know is for grade 41; I’m entitled for loans up to RM 200K. Let say, my wife, also a grade 41 officer, we can apply for join loan and basically that is up to RM 400K (RM 200K + RM 200K). The interest rate if I’m not mistaken is 6%, it’s very low and they cut it from your salary, so no hassle. Can buy 2 houses, nice houses. (Of course not in KL la)

Life after service – Pensions and EPF. Now I can choose because now we are given choice. But like me, I think I’d rather have my pensions. That is as for now la. EPF is one lump sum they give you la but then after that finish, finish la. Nothing more but pensions I receive till I die and if I die also still got beneficiary receiving the pensions. At least the welfare is taken care la in a sense.

I have two gomen post in the running, PTD (Diplomatic and Administration Officer) and the KPLI (in other word, teacher la) thing. Not that I’m saying it’s the best job in the world nor urging my peeps to go into gomen but what I’m saying here is if I were to choose to work for gomen, these are the reasons la. Choices are yours to be made. Oh, ya! If you’re thinking of getting rich, don’t go work for gomen. You can be rich la, but it takes time. So if you’re thinking of getting rich in an instant, gomen is not for you. Not to say that money is not important to me but I rather have a stable life and be happy. What matters for me is I live and lead my life well.

P/S: Guys, if you like Bullet For My Valentine, The Lost Prophets I would like to recommend Madina Lake. I would recommend this to Mar and Lola. You’ll love it. I’m currently stuck to “Here I Stand”. I came across the band while browsing through Roadrunner’s website.