Without you
One night alone Is like a year without you baby
Do you have a heart of stone
Without you
Can’t stop the hurt inside
When love and hate collide

Remember that song? I remember that it was played almost every single day on the radio when Vault, The Greatest Hits was released in 1995. I was in my form one back then. I think it was somewhere in between March or April 1995 that I first heard of this song. I still remember that night we were preparing for our school’s Open Day, Pesta Tanjong 1995. I just love that song. It somehow reminds me of the good old days.

I actually have just finished watching Armageddon. Yup, that Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis flick. I don’t know whether you guys still remember or maybe some of you might be too young to remember. It has been like almost eight years since I first watch the movie but hey, the feeling the atmosphere of watching it is still the same as it was eight years ago. Unbelievable, guess good movies doesn’t come in a bundle or at least I believe it that way. Still, the final 15 minutes of the movie is the most touching part of it for me. I might not be big fan of sappy sad movies but this one doesn’t really counts as a sad movie but maybe a bit touchy I guess.

The only time that I went to the cinema was back in 1998. There were still this big old cinema in town and the tickets were price at RM 3 or RM 4 the most. The last movie I watched was Titanic. I didn’t actually finish watching the movie because I was rushing for the bus ride from Miri to Bintulu. That’s the only time that I’ve been to that cinema and the last because nobody goes for that kind of cinema anymore after that. If you didn’t get the picture, try look for cinemas like ODEON, REX, or maybe PAVILLION. I’m talking about those kind of cinema, not TGV or GSC that we are so fond of nowadays.

I missed those type of cinema. The sound system is a bit off la but I think with RM 3, I’d be going there anyway. I mean I still can enjoy the movie even though it’s not in full blast. It’s worth the money what. Bintulu only have one big cinema, which is now where City Point stands. My first ever movie outing was back in 1992, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. My dad’s treat because I passed all my papers with flying colours.

The end of that year, 1998 Star Cineplex emerged in Miri. So, everybody flew off there to watch movie. I guess that’s why the cinema goes bankrupt. Oh, maybe they never produce stuffs for cinemas like that anymore, I’m also not so sure. You see, Cineplex cost us around RM 10. For us boarding school students, that RM 10 is like a few weeks pocket money. So, Laser Disc Theater is still a better option even though it’s RM 20, but you can bring in like 10 people inside and just pay RM 2 per person. In a way it’s much cheaper because they don’t charge you per head.

can click here for map of Miri town, just in case your lost in translations.

That time, Rainbow Laser Disc was super famous. It has a big room, not really can fit in 10 people la but we just make do with what we have. So, we will go out and watch movie there every single week, provide that we have money la. To save budget we walk, don’t want to take bus. Even like from Wisma Pelita to Parkson we still walk but if you ask me to do that now, no way man. It’s like a few kilometers walk. The route for us is so simple. From Wisma Pelita we will walk to Mega Hotel and then straight to Imperial Mall and then Parkson. Dynasty used to be but it was closed down in 1996. That place is cool, well not really la. I went for my first date there. Ha ha ha.. I still remember the name of the place. I think now also closed down, Hungry Horse. I think it is one of the local fast food outlets that we used to have. So, the place got at least something for me to be remembered.

Thinking of it, I missed Miri.

P/S : To Mar, happy convocating! Rock Shah Alam!