It’s Friday! This is the day that everyone is looking forward to even though for some might be Saturday well all the best to you but for me everyday is like everyday la. Not that much of a different. I’m sure some of you just can’t wait till it’s 5:00 PM. Weekend here we come!

In the dug-out: Pippo Single Handedly Armed Robbed The KOP!
What a sweet, sweet revenge for Milan. A jubilant celebrations in Athens after the La Rossaneri edged EPL flops, Liver-phool 2-1 to lift the The UEFA Champions League Cup for the… was it 7th or 8th time? I can’t recall and two thumbs up to the evergreen Pippo Inzaghi for that it’s-something-that-we rehearsed-in-training-goal and the superb 82nd minute finish after a splendid through pass from Kaka’. Unbelievable? Believe it. Four words to choke upon, Rafa – “Look at me now!”

In the tag-line: Greatest Come Back?
This is something that clement tag me along, so I guess I’ll just do it la. Just in a short post, wouldn’t do me much harm. The tag question was “Which band that is no longer performing that you would like to see back on stage”. Well, to be honest with you, I have a lot. I’m a big fan of Metallica in case you don’t know. I grew up listening to them. My favorite records are Master of Puppets and The Black Album. They still exist and still performing but if you asked me, I’d say I’d love to see the original line up doing some reunion concert. I’d love to have Cliff Burton back, but he’s dead so I guess I would love to see Jason Newstead of Supernova be back with Metallica, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich still rocks! Metal Militia!

Just in case clement might say that Metallica doesn’t count I’ll go for Soundgarden. I’d love to see Chris Cornell (ex-Audioslave now turns solo) be reunited with Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron (Now with Pearl Jam) and rock the stage with their hit single like spoon man, Blow off The Outside, Bad Motor Finger, Black Hole Sun. I just missed them. 

Besides, you don’t see much of a guitar guru macha like Kim Thayil anymore. Moots (PopShuvit) doesn’t really counts, in case you’re wondering.

Just to know your music ground, I’d like to tag along


Chary-Elle – That’s the way to pronounce it

“Which band that is no longer performing that you would like to see back again and rocking on stage?”

In the press: Challenge of The Telco-Bots
I’ve been going through the papers for this week; I found out that there is a war between 2 of the nation’s top mobile operators and it’s Maxis VS Digi. Looks like Celcom is keeping it quiet and just laughing at one corner saying, “Why bother? I still have the best coverage in Malaysia and you fucking now it!” I’m thinking of getting another number and that would be Celcom because of the wider coverage it has especially in the interior part of Sabah and Sarawak, most important, my kampung. I’ll let you guys know and FYI, I’m throwing away my Maxis but I will still hold on to my I-will-follow-him yellow fella.

In and around: Gawai oh Gawai!
Gawai Dayak is just around the corner. I’m pretty much excited. This morning went for shopping with my mom and dad. Guess what? I bought 2 bottles of Absolute Vodka and 2 cracks of Tiger Beer. Damn I love Gawai. FYI, even though this is not a tax free city, the costs of all that is below RM 250. Unbelievable? Believe it.

Wishing all of you “Selamat Hari Gawai Dayak” – Gayu, guru gerai nyamai, lantang senang nguan menoa and enjoy your weekend!

P/S : I’ll be sitting for my KPLI examinations tomorrow, which I just knew about it like 5 minutes ago and the examinations will be in Miri next thing tomorrow morning. Fark!!!