Over the weekend I sat for this MTEST (Malaysian Teacher Selection Test) in Miri. I was so lucky actually not to miss the examination because frankly speaking I don’t know that I have to check it online to know whether I’m selected to sit for the examination. I thought that they will send me a letter confirming the date of exam so on and so forth. I was lucky that on that Friday morning, my dad read came across a small article that says, MTEST will be conducted on Saturday.

On the other hand I was actually supposed to be attending a friend’s wedding yesterday on the same day as the examinations but with locations far beyond reach, the exam was in Miri and the wedding was in Kuching. I told Mar before hand that I might be in Kuching from 25th May – 2nd June. I have to call that off. I was supposed to go for that firefly interview on the 28th which is today but I don’t think I can make it, so screw that la. It’s just a walk in interview anyway and not that I’ve made appointments or what.

So, here I would like to apologize to Mr. Adriano D’Stefano Anak Joseph for not attending your wedding, I did try to contact you but I guess you were so busy running around. Hope you’ll be reading this, if not… Oh well, whatever never mind.

I have a lot of things to be alert about in the coming week; my PTD assessment results should be out and I assume that UPM have finally confirmed my convocation session. I know it will be around 25-29 of August but which day I still don’t know yet and they still don’t know also. What a lousy university. So now I’m confirming that I will be in KL within that period and hopefully I can meet up with whomever that is there. Finally I’m having my convocation and apparently, I was supposed to graduate back three years ago. (They love me so much they don’t want to let me go)

In the next few days you might not be reading any new post from me because I’m going back for gawai and another good news is Digi in my kampung have reached full bar but I will still get my Celcom just in case I’m traveling into inner part of Sarawak, well who knows I might. I will keep you guys update with it. So, guess that’s all for today. See you all in the nearest future.

On another note I would like to congratulate Hazel Desmond for winning the Miss Fair & Lovely World Harvest Festival 2007. Looks like we’ll have another friend turned celebrity in the making. Dude, when will we be featured on Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors?

FAIREST OF ALL: Hazel (centre) flanked by Hani (right) and Eileen. – Photo by Johnathon Bullet.

P/S: I came across Within Temptation while downloading new tracks the other day. You guys should check the band out. If you like Evanescence, you’ll definitely like this one. This is highly recommended to Lola and Mar since you guys like Gothic Rock a lot. I give it 3.5/5. It’s not bad. Sometimes it sounded like Metallica+Enya+Kitaro. Check this song – What have You Done Now. It’s crazy freaking cool!