Or miaw should I say …

I am still using my lovely Adidas Predator Accelerator Rapier Traxion. I fell in love with it right after the FIFA 1998 World Cup. I bought it in 2000. I guess my feet didn’t really grow bigger or shrink over the years. I like the sleek look and the comfort that it gave me when I do some first timer and definitely when it comes to shooting. They are also, like most adidas boots these days, made out of ‘kangaroo leather’-I dont know whether this comes from real kangaroos, but it doesnt matter-theyre so soft that the first touch is always easy to control, and leaves you open to concentrate on other things. I bought mine for RM 248 after a 50% discount. I’m still loving it.

But I know, it’s not the boots that matters, it’s the person who wears it. If you’re a dumbass even if you’re in a RM 1mil worth of boots, you’re still a dumbass. So, you know I know la. Nike came ot with the new National Team kit for the Asian Cup. It does looks cool. The training kit looks like a Borussia Dortmund kit.

I think it does looks cool ..

But yeah, new kits, new boots doesn’t really make Malaysian football grow. As we all know the standard is well down the drain. Enough said, instead of making Malaysian Football, A Shame to The Whole Nation, I hope they’ll do well to overcome the critics. Hopefully!

On another note, remember this?

From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home

It turned out that the farker guy actually copied it from somewhere else. For a moment he taught he was genius. Genius my ass .. The guy can’t even pronounce “darah” and “dadah” correctly. Apara lu Samy .. Hai .. Samy Samy ..

I don’t talk cock only, here is the proof.

Aiyo, you see, I think he never enter malaysian uni, cause in malaysian uni .. they taught us how to copy and paste without being caught. Samy, Samy! Stupid no schooling ah u?