I received an email from an old friend, Josh a few days ago. We used to work together at ME on the sales floor. To my surprise he stayed in the company until now. I must say I have a full fledge respect for him to stay that long in the company. It has been almost 8 months since I left the company. Time flies and days goes by, in between a lot of things had happened.

People come and people go and for some they’re still stuck at where they were before I left. I must say that I’m happy that some of them are moving on, get to a better position than they were before. I must say I missed being busy, running around … Nahh! Maybe not.

Josh actually asked me something that I’d describe as quite a disturbing question, not in a bad way but it did triggered my mind to think about what I did. What have I done?

“Did you change your mobile number?”

I actually never told any of them that I’ve changed my number and I rather keep it that way. To be honest when I left the company I don’t want to be associated or be reminded of the company in any way. I felt like I’m a massive flop, a loser, a trendy asshole that have been going through a so much screwed and fucked up life while working with the company.

What have I done?

On another note to be honest, I missed the people I worked with. They’re a bunch of great people. I missed those crazy month-end-drinks, I missed those paintball tournaments, I missed those futsal moments, I missed having lunch at NZ, I missed having breakfast at 7E, I missed staying up till late doing research, I missed the smiley jobsDB balls, I missed munching during working hours, I missed spending time looking at the two hotties at the back (Are they still there?), I missed a lot of things …

The situation now, according to Josh:

Adam quit, Marcus moved to another division, Hari got promoted (farker, I thought you said you’re going to leave), Ajit left for another company-better offer, Azleen got promoted, Sugu got promoted (I’m happy for you, finally you made it), Riena, lotsa clouds of uncertainty surrounding her, enough said … and the list goes on.

I know some of them still read my blog, my apologies to all of you. Hopefully I will be seeing you guys again and for Josh, all the best in your future undertakings dude. For all, I missed you guys so much. If it’s God’s will that I’ll be back again, I’ll be back again someday, back to KL I mean.

P/S : I would like to welcome AmoiDewa to the blogosphere. So finally she decided to have a blog. 🙂