Aunt Vivian told me that Ms. Helen is currently looking for Guru Ganti. The news came as a surprise to me. I was in dillema, go or not .. that’s keep on playing on my mind. They just gave me like 24 hours to think about it. I woke up this morning .. told myself,

“let’s just go for it”

I went in to the principal’s office. I actually kinda hate it being in the principal’s office. It’s always gloomy, dark and scary .. eerie could be the right word also I guess. It was 8:35 am when I entered the room. I actually have to rush for work after that.

I saw a lady in her 40s, in a red baju kurung, wearing a spec – like those character they always potray in fairy tales when it comes to the villain, like with liddat. I tot

“Shoot .. I’m dead”

Guru Besar : Who are you? (Wah .. so mean ah?)

Me : Archibald maa’m. Archibald Frankie, morning.

Guru Besar: From where?

Me : Err .. Actually Ms. Vivian told me that you wanted to see me today.

Guru Besar : Owh .. Have a seat.

Looking at my certs …

Guru Besar : I don’t see any English ..

I pointed to her all the subjects that I took, English subjects .. English For Acaddemic Purposes, Business Communications, MUET and whatever …

Guru Besar :Owh ..

Then the PA came in ..

PA : The father is here, I asked him to come in but he refused

Guru Besar : Sapa bapak dia?

PA : Cikgu Frankie

Guru Besar : You, anak Cikgu Frankie ah?

Me : Yup (It’s written there on my certs la)

Then the started to bla bla bla … and then suddenly the whole interview changed to an all iban interview ..

Guru Besar : I don’t want to promise you anything, now it’s up to the education department. I will forward your name to them. Keep your fingers crossed

Yup, I did .. at 12:30 She rang my dad ..

Guru Besar : Can your son come to school now ka?

WTF!!! I’m A …