My first day in school, CHAOTIC! It was not really a very good day to report to work. I was strucked by flu the night before. Really bad. Darn it! I woke up at 5:30 this morning. My nose is killing me. The first thing I told dad when he woke up:

“I want to go to the clinic”

I am sick. Really sick …

My first day in school. Nothing great but at least now I know it’s not easy being a teacher. My superior, a female teacher n her 40’s I guess, is an ass. Why? Everything she does is halfway, incomplete and passed it down to me like normal la when you go for industrial training everything that the seniors don’t want to do they give newbies. It’s ok .. FARK YOU! It’s NOT OK! How do you expect me to read your farking rotten mind?

I came in and I was told that I will be teaching English, Maths and Science and now, this smart lady just put everything that was supposed to be under care , all of it to me! That’s a disaster. I am now a class teacher, teaching maths, english, bahasa melayu, science and music!!!

There’s this name tag thing that I’m pretty much annoyed about. She said :

“The clerk don’t want to deal with it, now since you’re the class teacher, you deal with it”

You stupid dumbshit Goddamn motherfuckin bitch!!!!

Well, not all was bad la .. It’s only the first day, the worst is still somewhere hiding. I was handed the BEST class and the WORST. BEST because you don’t have to talk much, they understand and they’re smart, WORST because these are a bunch of chimpanzees that can’t really get their butt tied to their chair .. well, ok I admit, I was a rascal before. Now I know la how my teacher feel. Ha ha ha .. Really feel like want to do some “Hadoken” on the fella. Merciless little freaks!

The hardest part is I have to use english all the time and some of them don’t even understand english, so it’s a bit hard for me and for them also. Not that I don’t want to use BM but you can’t really spoon feed them .. and plus The Maa’m warned me that I must use english no matter what.