3 days into the job. I’m beginning to like it. Well, not really on the overcrowded schedule part but more on being able to be entertain by my students. I must admit that it’s not everyday that is beautiful in school. They somehow can give you pain and pleasure at the same time.

I still think that being greeted “Good Afternoon Teacher” everyday is weird and I’m so not used to be called “Cikgu“. But somehow, I feel proud and honoured to be addressed as “Cikgu“. Everyone, from the headmaster to the Security Guard will greet you with the same greeting every single day and everywhere I am, I will be addressed as “Cikgu“.

Yesterday after school my parents and I went to Pasar Malam to buy some dinner. We actually finished quite late yesterday due to the bad traffic near the school. As I was picking some roasted pork I heard somebody calling “Teacher! Teacher!”. I saw a little girl at the corner smiling at me. I didn’t really recognised her but I smiled back at her and say:

“Hey, doing your shopping with your mom?”

She smiled and nod her head. She went away to her mom and point at me and said:

“That’s my class teacher”

3 days .. I’ve been here only 3 days and it felt like forever ..

P/S : It only took a moment for someone to touch your heart. Who will touch you, who will you touch?