The phrase sounds fermilliar? These 5 words are no stranger to all Cybertronian freaks like me. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. TRANSFORMERS IS IN TOWN!

I’ve been a big fan of Transformers since the first time the animated series entered Malaysian TV in 1989. It first came into the scene in 1986 in the US but somehow I was only exposed to the Japanese version of the animated series, to be honest I like the Japanese version better because the US version, one word SUCKS!

First heard about the Transformers project in December 2005. I was still with ME back then. The idea was really funny, I mean it sounded funny to me. To be honest, I would like to think that it would be something crappy, you know like the POWER RANGERS : The Movie, kids stuffs, nothing big, plain ordinary maybe something like Robocop. I can never imagine Hollywood will pull off a good CGI with this movie. What I have in mind, they can never do it. I better stick to the animated series.

Last Sunday, I decided to give it a shot. I went to the cinema and managed to get myself a ticket which I bought at RM 9. The last movie I watched there was Fantastic 4, which cost me RM 10. So I thought, this movie must be rated very low. To my surprised that day, it was the 3rd Day screening of Transformers in Bintulu, I was the last person to get a seat for the day. It was sold out, all of them. All 9 screening time was SOLD OUT! Can you believe that? This is something that never really happen in Bintulu. All this while I’ve been watching movies either with another 2-3 person or only me watching and today, FULL HOUSE!

I thought I was the only person in Bintulu who is crazy over Transformers. I was wrong. underestimated Bintulu cinema life and you know what? Man, it was nothing like I expected. This movie is farking awesome! Top notched CGI, super damn cool soundtrack .. What more can I ask for? It was worth every dime I paid for.

The only regret that I have, I wished that there were more characters. I was hoping to see Hot Rod, Inferno, Six Shot name it. But it was fine la. They got in Optimus Prime taiko, Ratchet, Jazz, Bumble Bee, Ironhide for the Autobots meanwhile I saw a few from the constructicons in the Decepticon clan. The results, damn .. I AM SO FARKING HAPPY WITH WHAT I PAID FOR!

The cast, this is my first time seeing Josh Duhamel appeares on the big screen, I’ve always known him as Danny McCoy in Las Vegas!

Megan Fox, what can I say? One hot bombshell …

Shia Lebouef .. He he he, is there by any chance he is related to Franck Lebouef?

For those who haven’t watch it, please go and watch. You won’t regret it ..


P/S : If You think that this just another KIDS movie, think again. And by the way, clement has put up some pics on the Borneo Tribal Tattoo conention, check it out  here.