I was told today by the GB that another 2 new teachers, fresh graduates will be posted to the school in another 2 weeks. I was quite surprised by that actually because I have been in the school for only like about 2 weeks, well I entered my 2nd week. In order to make way for the two new teachers, me and another contract teacher, a retiree who is currently teaching on a contract basis with the school, will be out of the job for quite a while.

Well, things have to move on from now. I do not know what I have in mind at the moment nor that I have any idea of what to do. Well, I still have my convocation to attend. Ok, my bad I was a bad student, really really bad. I was lazy, don’t want to study and in the end got bad results but well sometimes you never know what will come at you. Pray for it.

On another note, tomorrow I’ll be having this early morning english workshop with the rest of the teachers who are teaching in english. Yup, those who teaches english, science and mathematics. Unfortunately, I teach all three of that. So, I can’t complaint much but just to sit doen and do some kindergarten stuffs with the rest of the teachers. Not that I’m complaining but I hope that it will be fun. Tomorrow I will have to wake up real early because the thing starts at 8:00AM.

Looks like, been getting a lot of responses to the Ray post. Thanks guys! Well, I do think it’s cool to hear what others think about it. It’s nothing personal but just something that I hope would have enlightened or might be a nice read for everybody.

Everything is so blurry …

P/S : Anybody wants to employ a fresh graduate with nine months of experiences : as a sales executives, 2 months as a kitchen operator, 2 months as a sales assistant and a sweet 3 years worth of blogging experience? Do let me know