This is my 105th post in wordpress. I was 5 posts late until I realized that I actually have hit the hundreth mark. Like zewt, I also started this blog in January, January 1st to be exact. That’s a milestone. I don’t write everyday so 105 is already a big achievement in its own way. ๐Ÿ™‚

One lucky break, there’s no school tomorrow. Kudos to the management, but next week there will be. Darn it! The English workshop went on quite smoothly today and it took 2 and a half hours. I was sleepy the whole day because I slept late the night before. I was doing my Daily Lesson Plan. It is call daily lesson plan because you need to plan your daily teaching strategies so to speak and you choose to do it only on Friday where you have to hand it in to your superior, it is call “The Bundled Daily Lesson Plan“. So guys, don’t do thing till the very last minute. I have to because the afternoon supervisor is pretty much hot behind my heels. Darn it!

Women or men I think if I may put it in my own words are equally insane and very hard to study. Please, do not listen to the phsycologist or whoever that is out there that says he/she knows about human. Theorically, yes I guess, I mean it’s by his/her own observation might be correct at that point of time. The truth is, people change, they don’t stay the same, like it or not.

Sometimes I find women to be a little bit selfish. I give you a situation; when you talk to them about other women, the seems to be not interested, disturbed and they might just fling you out. They got excited or pretty much interested when you start to talk about them … and only them. Sometimes, these female friend of yours is not even your girlfriend but again they will still feel that way .. I don’t really know how to describe it or the right terms to use but guys, I think you get what I’m trying to say. Even my sister does that. Again, I’m not trying to generalize – from my observation(s).

Say, Monica is bored and lonely. She called you up and say that she is bored and is thinking of going out but there’s simply nobody to hang out with. You thought, I’d be good that you accompany her since you are also bored and have nothing to do. So you, being nice thought of bringing her for a nice dinner and maybe to some movies. The intention, just to make both of you feel happy and maybe to fill your hearts with mouthwatering joy.

The next day, Molly called. She got a prob with her parents. You, as a very good friend, try your very best to console or maybe to offer some soothing advices. You asked her out for coffee or maybe just invite her over to your place, had dinner and just talked about it all night long.

Katrina needs some fashion advice. She will be attending a company dinner in a few days time. She asked for your expert help since you’re so into fashion and also a fashionista yourself (I just can’t find the word for that for a guy). So, you spent the whole day shopping with Katrina.

Now, all of these girls are not attached to anybody and so do you. For some reason, some of your female friends will think that you are a player. ย Why? I don’t know. Sometimes I do find women so quick to judge. Well maybe :

Women think on an emotional basis rather than a logical basis; that is why they are bad decision makers and rarely are seen making multimillion dollar decisions in the corporate structure.

Even though they lack in decision making abilities, out of the two genders, women are by far the most powerful. It has been said many times before and since, but women have half the money and everything a man wants.

Even though women think on an emotional basis, they are very good at messing with guys’ brains. Have you ever heard of a woman killing herself over a man? Women are natural psychologists and know every button to press to ruin a man’s self esteem, ego, career and wallet.

But whatever it is, still :

They come in all different shapes and sizes. One part will compensate for another portion’s deficit. When they walk down the street, you can hear the psychic vibes telling you,

Hey, look at me, I’m a chick.”

P/S : I got this thing the asked me during the English workshop. You are given 4 sets of numbers : 9,9,9,9. By any means, you may do whatever you want with it but whatever it is that you do, mathematically the outcome must be 100, without changing the numbers. Let me know if you know the answer. Have a nice weekend!