I’m entering my 3rd week. I survived and still, I’m loving it. Halfday work, can do tonnes of stuffs after work, not tired and most importantly I can still update my blog. I pity some of my friends that are overburden by work. Well, some of them just put the WORKLOAD as an excuse not to put up something new on his/her blog. 🙂 Kidding ..

The past few days have been great. I was in miri for a family gathering during the weekend, my blog reached the craziest amount of hits at a staggering 8425 hits yesterday. Thanks to Megan Fox, 2/3 of it comes from it. See, thanks to that now I got like 28k hits in total and still on the roll. Not that it does matter or I’m complaining but I wished those numbers can be converted into the number of comments. I don’t mind entertaining it all. Well, zewt is used to it. 🙂

Ok, time for the answer for the question. I got back to my GB this morning and I can confirm with you that bongkersz got it right and a few others. It is 99+(9/9) = 100. To be honest, during the 5 minutes when we were instructed to do that, none of us wrote anything. I hand in a blank piece of paper. Ok Ok .. I know I know .. BOO me BOO me ..

I was supposed to write something yesterday but due to the heavy rain, I postponed it till today. A few weeks ago, that was when Transformers was about to be premiered here in Malaysia. Me and a good friend, bongkersz had this chat about kenny sia will blog about it and most certainly poke fun at it.

Dude, I think kenny will certainly blog about TF hor. He will go and photochopped the pics and poke fun at it.

He will, no doubt about it. Maybe photochopped himself.

Yup, into an electronic dildo.

That was about it, was suggesting that we could write something about he will write something about it. As time goes by, we actually forgot about it until :

Dude, we were rite about kenny sia. He did blog about TF in his lame way. You know la .. We should’ve warned our reader that he will do that lame joke again ..

I used to read kenny sia everyday. Well, still but not everyday. I like this word, AS TIME GOES BY, I find that he’s trying very hard to be farnee but then he’s not. He is really not farnee. In the end it became LAME. That’s the price that you get when you try very hard to be someone you’re not. Poke fun at pictures, photochopped here and there, adverts and more adverts .. seriously lame. Ok, but I must thank him for kennysia.com was the first blog that I ever read. Thanks to Bongkersz, who actually, accidentally got me involved in the blogotron ® Cibol All Rights Reserved. and actually inspired me to write and to continue writing more. Eventhough that now I find kenny sia a bit boring, it can’t get any worst than xiaxue. The so called “Blog Princess”. Princess my ass la. I really hate that bitch blog. That’s a real birdbrain, insufficient intelligence, IQ 15, mangkuk hayun, banga, tambab, merebab, cilaka babi bangkai perut baya etc. For God sake, take a deep look into the mirror, she’s just so farking ugly. I do think Megatron and Frenzy looks better than that bitch girl. 

Ok my bad, it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. I have no rights to say your right or wrong. Keep up the goodwork! Because what I’ve said here may bring you good, free adverts .. shit. I shoudn’t have. 🙂

P/S : AmoiDewa is back in KK so for the time being don’t expect any new post from her. 🙂 Student nowadays, very rajin.