Saya berasa semangat dan menguatkan azam untuk menegakkan keadilan untuk semua. I’ve been teaching the inmates how to sing reformasi songs. If they think they can get to PKR or activists by bullying a skinny young fella, mereka sudah salah anggap. Saya amat berterima kasih kepada keluarga yang dikasihi, Li Tsin yang disayangi, rakan-rakan aktivis dan rakan-rakan di Malaysia dan di luar negara.

Well, we might or might not have heard of the arrest Nat Tan, a blogger, humanitarian with an offence under section 8 of the Official Secrets Act, or the OSA. More news on : Elizabeth Wong’s page

So, let’s just hope that the remand won’t be extended and let justice be prevailed. God bless

P/S : My last day in school today. I was feeling rather … I don’t know. Will be back again in August. Oh ya, the hits are back to normal now. 🙂