Ok, it’s Friday again. I’ve been trying to dig my head on what other issues that I can talk about today but then I just shoved it all away and save it for another day. I mean since I’m a bit free these days, I might as well just write it up anytime during the weekdays. So, no worries. Ok, this entire post is triggered by :

Yup, the new reality tv show, Hell’s Kitchen

Well, trying to be perfect and a little beat neat in the kitchen .. That’s what I’ve been struggling to do in the past few days after I watched the first episode. I think it’s a cool show. Well, today’s post is not about the show but more on something that I’ve been dying to try to cook and finally I got it right, I mean the taste is right (at least for me ).

I present to you :

Guiness Pork Rib

It might not sound enough but this is what I’ve came out with.

Things you need :

Pork Ribs
Garlic – shredded
Soy sauce
Guiness Stout

I’m not good with this grams, Oz or whatever shit that you use table spoon of whatever fark but let’s just say, if it tested nice then you added the correct amount la. That’s for you not to blame me if I gave you wrong measurements.

How to cook :

1. First, you need to deep fry the ribs. This is to give it that crunchy taste when you eat it to the bone. Of course you have to use pork ribs because the name is Guiness pork ribs. I never really tried this one with chicken, but think chicken ribs is a bit too small .. but anyway, you can try la. Before dipping it into hot oil, make sure you rub some salt on the ribs. Somehow I think that make the extra crunchy taste. Whatever! After the ribs are properly cooked, fried – golden colored. You can see around the ribs got that crumbs then it’s ok dy la. Take it out and toss it somewhere. Oh ya, make sure you use lotsa oil because if not, it won’t be deep fried .. it will be shallow fried then. Ha ha ha .. farnee! bongkersz, I know you laughing and saying “You want to be Kenny Sia is it?”

2. Now, use minimal oil for this one. Like maybe 2-3 table spoon enough la. Wait till it’s sizzling hot then you slow down the volume of the heat and then you put in the garlic. Why garlic? I like garlic. Some people don’t like and for those who don’t like please do not try this at home cause you might hate it more. No la, I like the smell and it some how make the ribs tastier. Let the garlic turns golden coloured.

3. Now the chicken goes in. Mixed em well for a few minutes. Let it be 2-3 minutes to be safe. Then you add in vinegar, use your thumbs on the bottle. No need measure, two times you pur in enough. You don’t want it to be very sour. Then in goes the stout. let it mixed well and then only you pour in some salt, sugar, soy sauce and seasoning.

4. Now, you can serve la. You can put some coriander leaves on top ( Like I did to cover the ugliness of my cooking)

For the halal version I think you can try chicken la and substitute the stout with Malta. So, happy cooking.

P/S : Hell’s Kitchen premiers every Tuesday, 8:30pm on NTV7.