Dear Jimmy Kiu,

First and foremost I must congratulate you for making the headlines not only in our local newspaper, The Borneo Post but also for making it to our national television. It must have been one great experience for you to be interviewed so many times and also being put under the spotlight. It must be tiring but I’m pretty much sure that you are enjoying it by now.

I am writing this post in respond to what was posted by Raymond Tan on the frontpage of The Borneo Post, Saturday, July 21 2007: Cold, Cruel and Heartless.

According to the report, about 200 boarders of SMK Bawang Assan were forced to squat in a murky fishpond for an hour just because of a fucking sanitary pad, I repeat one fucking sanitary pad was thrown into a toilet bowl. That is what was written.

I understand that being the chairman of the Parents’ & Teachers’ Association of this school you are oblige to take good care of matters involving students’ welfare but mind you, not just the students but also the teachers, the school and also the surrounding community, the parents of the students.

I would just like to share with all of the people, friends and families on what was written in the report and I believed that the report was taken from you, as you took photographs of the incident and I do believed that the reporter never really went down to the place to investigate what really happened before publishing the article because the only comments that was published was only from you, and you alone. Well done I must say.

The woman from Kuching had asked the girls about the pad, and when they kept silent, all of them were forced to enter the pond and remained there with their heads above the water. It was then raining and there was lightning too

It is stagnant (the water), and the water from the canteen flows into this pond

This was extracted from The Sunday Post, Page 2, 22nd July 2007.

The pond was not dirty like what was claimed by Jimmy Kiu (PTA Chairman) as published in the local newspaper

Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Bawang Assan assembleyman and also Second Finance Minister.

It’s just rainwater. There is no drain from the dinning hall to the pond or any other places

Hilton Gundi, SMK Bawang Assan’s School Senior Assistant

Let me just give you a little piece of my mind. I do agree that what the warden did was wrong and it is something that I would like to describe as something that is beyond the boundary of acceptable disciplinary action and I think many would agree too but the same goes with exaggerating stories. I do understand that you wanted to do the best for the school but I do think that you should at least think before you act. Have you ever thought of the consequences you might face in a long term for what you’ve done?

You were there watching the thing going on. What did you do? Oh ya, snapping pictures for the Borneo Post. So now you are the journalist and the chairman of the PTA also. 2 in 1 ya, like coffeemix. Bloody hell, you could have just gone there and stopped it before it drags on and on. Are you farking sick and insane? So, the Borneo Post assignment is so much better, you can be famous and if you did not do that it will somehow delay the process of being famous. You know, I cannot help myself for being angry. It is not right, I know but you make me angry. Was that my fault?

In the newspaper you might have read a lot of things written in respond to the incident. The headlines: Leaders see punishment as a shameful act, Callers cry foul over pond incident. All this lead to more and more nonsense later on where you will read stories such, I was canned for littering, I was thrown out of the class because I make noise, I don’t want to study and an asshole who really needs to be butt out of the classroom. Come on, you’ve created an opening for blasphemy and rubbish and more rubbish to come! Just look at the papers these past few days; they just cannot live without publishing something about teachers punishing students!

I’m sick of tired of people trying to dictate what a teacher can do or cannot do. For me that’s insane! Try being a teacher for a day and you will know just how it feels. To make a big issue out of this is a farking waste of time and you farking know it! Mr. Kiu just to let you know, this is not the first time that the “throwing sanitary pads in the toilet bowl” incident had happened. It happened for an amount of unscrupulous times and that’s why the warden decided to give them a lesson. So that they keep that in mind and dare not to do it again. Suggest a better way? Like what, sit and talk face to face with the students, talk politely and asked:

Hello dear, why did you throw your thing in the toilet bowl. You know it’s not right. Next time don’t do it okay

That is your better way, try doing it. Be my guess. Personally I do not think that what she did was so bad. It was just because of your pathetic exaggeration of the story made it look bad. Do you know why during our grandfather’s days SPM graduate, back then it was called Senior Cambridge is so farking laku? Because the students at that time really study and was well discipline. Well discipline because they were thought in a well discipline way, in a sense when you do something wrong, you will face the wrath of the educators. Did our grandpa ever complaint? I do not know of your grandpa but mine, NEVER! In fact he said that it’s better that way because; look at them now and look at where our SPM leavers stand now?

Another great concern that could possibly happen or I think already happening is that teachers have lost it, the desire and the will to teach. These sorts of things are somewhat I want to call demoralizing. You have put this ignorant mentality in teachers. They were supposed to be educators, the one shaping the future of our generations and more generations to come. When things like this happen, it took all of it away. The passion, the will and what’s another word, I forgot.

You don’t want to listen; it’s not my problem anymore. I can’t tell you what to do; I can’t discipline you, because by giving you punishment for not doing your work will get me into trouble. I better off teaching those who wants to listen to me

Have it ever occurred to you in your farking shallow retarded mind that there might be a possibilities in the near future that teachers will go on strike? Have you? I doubt it. So do you think teachers are all to blame for that? Let me tell you, they are paid to teach and shape these students but the early but the act of throwing your farking sanitary pad into the toilet bowl is not written in the textbook or the daily lesson plans, it starts at home. Thin about it.

You might think that by publishing this news to the media has done a great deal of things for the nation. Sad to say, you have made it worst, from bad to ugly. Think about it; think about the future of your children, grandchildren for Christ’s sake. What will happen to them if teachers lose it all? The will and the enthusiasm to teach and treat it like it have nothing to do with them. How if that does happen? Give it a thought my friend.

I may not be a teacher myself but I know how it feels to be a teacher, to be blame on the other receiving end with a gun pointed to my head and believe me Mr. Kiu, I am not here to judge you but I think before anything is taken into action, you better think carefully or better still try to put yourself in the teachers’ shoes because many people just know how to talk and criticize without knowing what is in it actually. You know NOT! If you think tat teachers have done a bad job these days, be one and make a difference. All Malaysians who think they can do a better job than what the teachers here in Malaysia can do, be one and make the difference, be the spark that will light the candle.

As like what was written in the article,

The PTA Chairman said he would talk to the parents before deciding on the next course of action…

Mr. Kiu, I think you have taken matters into your own hands.

Yours truly,