Indeed, the water in the pond is smelly and dirty

Bukit Assek assemblyman Wong Ho Leng

The pond was not dirty like what was claimed by Jimmy Kiu (PTA Chairman) as published in the local newspaper

Bawang Assan assemblyman Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh

WTF? Two different people, two different views and guess what? It happened that Jimmy Kiu, the national hero *clap* is the school’s canteen operator. That was how he knew that the canteen water goes to the pond and I was wondering why Hilton, Jimmy and Kandou have different stories. It happened that only Kiu knows the water from the canteen flows into the pond. What does that tells me? Jimmy, poisoned and polluted the pond! (The Borneo Post, Sin Chiew Daily if you are reading this come and interview me regarding my indeed so thorough analysis of the matter) I have no proof but I have the theory. Conspiracy theory, just like Jimmy Kiu.

Another thing, Jimmy Kiu’s 14 year old daughter was in the pond with the rest of the girls. THis is my take on it. Usually right, people only take action when something bad happened to somebody close or related to them. What I’m trying to say is that, if let say Kiu’s daughter was not in pond at the time the incident occured, Kiu wouldn’t have been bothered so much by it. In fact being in the school (canteen operator), Kiu would’ve seen something like that almost everyday and I do believed and hope that he understands the state of our nowadays students’ behaviour in a sense.

Another point I just want to make here, you talk about discipline, it is something we would like to view as a whole. Meaning, from parents, teachers, community and also the students themselves. Now, what I’m trying to say is I think what the warden did was right. Why? Let me tell you. “Menjaga kebersihan adalah tanggungjawab bersama“, have you ever heard of that? I am pretty sure you have. It has been painted all around the school, I don’t know much about other schools but the schools that I’ve been to, they have these words painted on their wall. What does that mean? It means everyone is entitled or oblige to keep the school compound clean and safe for everyone.

One sanitary pad is thrown in the toilet bowl, one person saw it there and she didn’t do anything, she just walked away and then came another and she did the same thing, because in their mind “I’m not the one to be blame. I’m not the one throwing it“. You see, when you punish everyone, it kinda remind them of what bekerjasama is all about, to remind them about how important it is for each and everyone to realise that it’s their duty to keep the school clean no matter who does the littering. It’s better that way and I would like to suggest that Jimmy Kiu should’ve been soaked in the pond with the girls as well – for polluting the pond (IF found guilty)

Now, back to the two Head man, I was just curious. What on earth was Bukit Assek assemblyman doing in a Bawang Assan assemblyman’s territory? Why so kay poh? Want publicity is it? You want to be like Jimmy Kiu also is it? Mind your own business and just let the territory head and the education department do their job. You on the other hand can fuck off and die have so many other things to do in your own territory, I do believe so. I was happy that they didn’t let kay poh person like him enter the school. So, you think when you’re a wakil rakyat you can do what you want la? Let me tell you, you have no right because the school which is directly under Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, which is the fed and you? Who are you again? Wakil Rakyat? Read the rest here, I’m done for the day.

P/S : Guys, for those who sms me, really sorry I can’t reply because I have no credit. Unless, any of you who would be kind enough to top up for me. As you see, I’m not as famous as Jimmy Kiu, I don’t have a canteen … pity me.