Soaking case settled”. Well, indeed it is good news and what a relief for Wee Yim Pien that finally the matter was in some way was able to be resolved. I pity her. I can only imagine what she has been going through over the past two weeks. I know this is the third straight post that I am talking about the same thing over and over again. I promise this would be the last of it.

She is a dedicated and a hardworking teacher. That is a fact that cannot be denied, and all of us want her to stay

That is something rather contradicted with what he said a couple of days back where everybody call for the sacking of Wee. But I guess, they were ready to forgive and forget in the spirit of reconciliation. Kudos to all then even though I don’t really agree with the fact that she (Wee) have to ask for pardon for something that I do not think that she have to but then again, that is why we need to tolerate. So that peace can be restored.

Just a quick glance on what I read in the paper today, something that really caught my attention and it came from the vice chairman of Sarawak Bumiputera Teachers’ Union.

They could follow the books as commented by many but many students would be kicked out of school or suspended

Instead they used their own discretion in addressing students with disciplinary problems.

In case you are wondering about what I am talking about here, there is a guideline for disciplinary actions which is stated in the Discipline Management Guidebook 1959. Many have voice out frustrations and dissatisfaction about the matter and called for teachers to look back at guideline on how to deal with these disciplinary problems accordingly but they do not know what the content of the guidebook is all about. If it were to be followed strictly, maybe 30% of the students in this country will have to end their dreams of making it into universities.

There are systems like the merit and demerit to be implemented or some schools have been using all these while. It’s a system whereby every offenses that you do, you will be given demerit marks. These marks will be accumulated until you reach a certain point where you will have to be expelled from school. I tell you, it is very easy to get demerit marks. You can simply get it every single day and before you know it, a letter will be given and off you go. It is not physically hurting you in fact it does not hurt at all but you will not see the sacking coming. There will be no second chance.

I like the example that was used by the president of Sarawak Teachers’ Union, William Ghani Bina. He said, police did not issue summons when the public parked their vehicles along the yellow-line during festivals because they understood that there were insufficient parking spaces.

The police used their discretion in situation like these and the same goes to teachers.

Well, at least one issue “solved” and guess we will be heading for a better future of the education sector. Whatever it is I think the best way is to let the Education Department and the people with educational background deal with cases like this and the rest can back off and save your comments for the last.

Sharing a quote by Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh,

The matter has also been politicized and some people have even tried to make themselves champions out of it. To me, all these do not solve the problem

Well, siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas!