I wished that these few things are the things that are NOT entertained by me. I wished I could just eliminate all of these useless thoughts and beliefs from my mind. Unfortunately, they constantly bug me – a person who is having a real trouble in making money.

  • Money does not grow on trees
    It is real hard for me to make money
    Money would not buy happiness
    Making money is not that important to me
    I’m lousy at making money
    I cannot afford it – but it’s true bah!
    It’s better to give than receive
    I will never get rich
    Who am I to become rich?

I wished I had more of these thoughts on my mind, the thoughts and beliefs that constantly running through the minds of the super rich.

  • Having lots of money is great
    With money I can help lots of people
    It is real easy and fun for me to make money
    Making lots of money comes easily to me
    I am a money magnet
    I always have more money than I need
    Making lots of money is really great

Well, as they keep entertaining these thoughts and beliefs, their mind, the sub-conscious part of it automatically FOCUS on making lots of money.

I took that, some part of that from an article I read somewhere. So, here we are at the money problem again. It’s normal for us to feel that way, to have money problems I mean even the super-rich face the same problem but maybe different issues. Still related to money, something people say the root of all evil, they face problems like; what to do with all this money I have? For us, as usual when it comes to end of the month or for some as early as the payday car loan, credit cards, housing loan, mummy & daddy, sisters’ monthly allowance, phone bills, internet bills – not to mention the outstanding ones. All of these things come together in just split seconds.

Money is not everything – In a way I do agree. But let say, try and live without it. I strongly doubt that anybody will. Let’s not talk about being a survivor, live on an island and eat for free. That’s pure fantasy. Get on with the real thing. So, it’s not entirely everything but most of the things need money. Ok, plus there’s a need for you to fulfill your spiritual hunger as well but then sometimes that needs money too.

When I first started my long holiday back in December last year, I can still enjoy a plate of kampua for RM2.00. I talk about being back here in a small town can give me a peace in mind, looking at life in a different way – in a sense completely different from the life that I had when I was in KL … and I boasted about being able to blog a lot more about life here than from what I used to be. Well, it did happen in a way. I have changed, how I view things, how I look at life, how I take disappointments, how I endure the hard life of being unemployed.

Now, the only thing that has changed lately is the price of a plate of kampua. Instead of the used-to-be RM2.00 per plate, it’s now RM2.30, a 15% increase and it came at the right time, July 2007 in conjunction with the hike in civil servants salary. In fact some of it got it up as early as a few days before the news about the increment was announced. Do people here complaints? Nope, yes… Nope, not in a proper way, Yes they do talk about it during the kedai kopi hours.

I remember when I was in my primary school days; I used to have kampua for recess time. Back then it was RM1.30 per plate. If you want to buy the already packed kampua, of course the amount is a little smaller but you can get a packet for RM0.50 or even RM0.20 and RM0.10. Those RM0.20 and RM0.10 is more or less the size of the snacks of the same price that you can get from grocery stores. It was not that much but still it was worth snacking.

Do you think we can really become rich if we work hard? Why is it that only a few percent maybe around not more than 10% of the population wealthy whereas the other 90% just manage to get by, hanging by a thread for some despite putting in long working hours, 9-5 and 5 days a week. For some, they don’t have the thing we call weekends even if there is I believe most of us brought back their office work back home and try to finished it before Monday kicks in.

For some, we might not have the choice or simply was just not given any accept for just working our ass out day and night to keep the company floating and at the same to keep food on the table. Isn’t it weird that we do the things that we don’t really want to but we have to keep us alive. Scary, but it’s true. So, we wished that the formula to get rich at least a little bit clearer. Sad, it is not and it continues to be that way unless some efficient and necessary steps are taken. What would that be? I don’t know or should I say I have yet to know. For most people, the concept “Get Rich or Die Trying” is always the main agenda.

We have our own purpose to get rich. It defers for every single person. For some might be the family factor, and there is also to prove that everyone is wrong and maybe just to be in the bandwagon. Whatever it is, everyone have set their priority on what they should do and what will they do next. Last but not least a happy belated birthday to bongkersz’ ah-ma. Dude, I think you’re doing great. Whatever it is, you’ve tried and still trying your very best, I think that’s the best present a son could give, at least for now.

Quote of the day :

It’s difficult to see the picture when you’re inside the frame