Finally August kicks in. A lot of stuffs will be happening and meaning a lot of stuffs to do. Well, for those who have been applying for KPLI and SPA will know. I am going to sit for another PTD examination on the 4th of August – the second time that I’ll be taking it. I managed to pass the exam the last time out but I failed to get through the assessment program. Better luck next time. Since it’s free, what the heck … no harm trying. At least now I know a little bit more on how things work. For those who still don’t know what is PTD, it is Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (Diplomatic & Administration Officer) and the exam that I am going to sit for is Peperiksaan Memasuki Perkhidmatan Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik Gred M41.

Two days later I’ll be having my KPLI interview. My inclusion was quite a surprise for me as I actually didn’t expect that I would survive the MTEST but whatever it is, I’m there and let’s just do the very best. Since most of my friends have been taking this exam for God knows how many times and still they did not manage to get in, I on the other hand was lucky I guess because it is my first time seating for the exam and I managed to get through to the interview. Well, still a long way to go.

Middle of August I will be in school again. There will be some teachers either going off for courses or undergoing some training programs and one particular staff, is for sure will be going for maternity leave which approximately an automatic two months break. I will be sitting in for any of them. Well in a way I’m pretty much excited that my holidays are coming to an end. In a way, being an ON CALL teacher is quite fun. No attachment. It’s freedom!

I will be in KL on the 21st till the 30th August. I am actually looking at the possibilities to extending it to September 1st but I doubt that the GB will let me take one week break; the most is maybe 4 days. School holidays will end on the 26th means by right I have to be in school on the 27th but since my convocation is from the 25th till the 29th, I’ll have my time off.

Nothing much to say here. Me and dad had this conversation about me wanting to change to postpaid instead of the current prepaid that I’m using.

I think I’m going for postpaid. I’ve been spending quite a lot on my prepaid recently.

Showing him a Digi Postpaid advert

It can be cheaper you know.

No response

I’ve been spending like almost RM 70 monthly if I change to postpaid it’s easier and more convenient and I don’t have to wait for top up if got emergency or what.

Still, no response

By the way bongkersz is using the same thing bah …

He looked at me, maybe a bit annoyed.

And he responded …

I think you need a wife


He went out and leaving me clueless without even elaborating more on the matter …

P/S : The new Silverchair album sucks! Bring back the good old Frogstomp and stop acting like a fucking gay! Bastards! Just because you’re married to Natalie Imbruglia doesn’t mean you have to turn into Backstreet Boys-shit-faced-sorry-ass, Mr. Nice guy!