Randy your good old pal called for a party at his place. Well, since you’ve got nothing to do at home, you’ve decided to to just crash in. Who knows you might meet with some hot mamacitas to spend the night, I mean whatever it is in your mind and if you’re thinking of tucking them up to bed then be my guest. Just picture it.

You head to the bar, I mean Randy’s bar to get a glass of martini. Oohh .. I love Martini. Sweet ..and suddenly you bump onto an ex-I-have-a-little-crush-on-you-and-you-knew-it. The first thing that she said was :

“Hey, how are you? Long time no see”

Then you’d probably say …

“Yeah, It’s been a while though … You look great”

Again, trying out that charm … Who cares anyway. But then sometimes will come something like …

“Why you never call anymore?”

Me myself, if let say I were to be in that position I would probably say :

“I’m kinda busy lately. A bit tied up with work and so all”

Sometimes, we just don’t have that guts saying out

“Which part of let say you’re not a priority in my life anymore you don’t understand?”

Now, dealing with these sort of situation, some people would have things like – should I just ditch this one and get on with the las chicas out there or should I just reignite the old flames? To do or not to do it, that’s the common question. Maybe more on what I need to do?

If I carry on, look at those chics .. I’m going to missed all these if I decided to just hang with this one or … I’ll just play nice and be a good boy tonight, just for the night. At least I’ll have someone to have a decent conversation, reminiscing the past ..

What would you do?

P/S : Heartbreaker? Sounds too good to be true …